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Premium Vinyl Soft Connection for Uniguard Awnings

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  • Vinyl Soft Connection - For All Carefree Uniguard Awning Covers
  • Replacement Soft Connect for Carefree Awnings
  • Vinyl Soft Connection - All Sizes for Carefree Soft Connects
  • Vinyl Softy Connection - Fits All Carefree Uniguard Rigid Covers
  • Vinyl Soft Connection - The Same Poly Cords as Carefree of Colorado
  • Vinyl Soft Connection - Replace Black or White Soft Connect
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Carefree of Colorado™  Patio Awning Soft Connect Replacement

If you own a Carefree of Colorado Patio Awning with a rigid aluminum cover also known as a Unigurad Cover it is connected to the side of your RV with a vinyl connector that Carefree calls a Soft Connect. Just like any vinyl awning part that is exposed to the elements eventually over time it rots and needs to be replaced. 

Replacing a soft connect is usually a 2 person job that can be done without removing the awning from the RV. If you are replacing the awning fabric that changes the process some but the awning arms will remain on the RV.

It is a DIY project regardless of which parts you are replacing.

What is a Carefree of Colorado Soft Connect?
It is the vinyl section that connects the Uniguard Cover to the Side of the RV at the Awning Rail.
It is either 4.25” or 5.25” wide x the length of the Uniguard Cover.
It is available in Black and White.

How is it Made?
It is precision made with welded poly cords that fit the Carefree Uniguard Cover. There is no thread to rot away.
The Premium Soft Connection made from high-quality vinyl will last for many years to come.

What You Need to Know to Order. - Do Not Guess at these measurements!
The width - 4.25” or 5.25” Including the poly cords.
The Length - You can give us the Length and we can cut it to your Length (up to 21’) @ no additional charge. Or we can ship you a 21’ Premium Vinyl Soft Connection and you can Cut It to Size.
This will replace a Carefree of Colorado Soft Connect for the Uniguard Patio Awning Cover


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