Dometic Vinyl Awning Fabrics

Dometic Universal Awning Fabrics

The Dometic RV Awning Replacement Vinyl Fabrics are available for all Carefree, Dometic (A&E), Carter, Faulkner Manual & Electric awnings with out an Aluminum Weather Shield. The Universal Vinyl Fabrics come in 8 sizes and 8 colors to match most RV's and the existing awning fabric. These are original Dometic Awning Fabrics and that means you are getting a great product at an affordable price. The awning beads are sewn into the fabric, making the installation easier. It is also a one piece fabric with a valance. With other brands the valance is a separate piece leaving part of the aluminum roller tube exposed and it is quite ugly. The fabric is double sided, meaning that it has the pattern on top and bottom.

Of course it comes with a 1 Year Warranty from Dometic. In our experience with Awning Fabrics is that if it is not defective at the time of installation, it will 99.9% of the time live a long, normal life with out any premature failures. We have been selling awnings for a long time, we have been a Dometic Dealer over 28 years.

The following are makes or models that are compatible with the Dometic Universal RV Awning Fabric:
A&E - Any Model With Out a Metal Weather Shield. 8500, Sunchaser, 9100 etc...
A&E - No Worries if your Manual A&E Awning dates back to the 80's, this fabric will work and all of the parts are readily available.

Carefree of Colorado - Any Model With Out a Aluminum Weather Shield. Spirit, Fiesta, Eclipse, Travel R etc...
Carefree - No Worries if your Manual Carefree Awning dates back to the 80's, this fabric will fit and most the parts are still readily available.

These Brands are Obsolete - The Fabric Will Work if They Do Not Have a Metal Weathershield.
Carter - This brand is Obsolete. Make sure the awning is in Good Working order.
Faulkner -This brand is Obsolete. Make sure the awning is in Good Working order.
Norseman -This brand is Obsolete. Make sure the awning is in Good Working order.

How To Measure:
Awning manufacturers do not go by the fabric measurement, they measure from the "center of the arm to the center of arm". Take a tape measure and measure from the center of the front awning arm to the center of the rear awning arm and that is the size of awning you have and that would be the size fabric you would order. The measurement might an inch or two over or under an even foot. For example 19' 11" would be a 20' awning requiring a 20' fabric. OR 16' 1" would be a 16' awning requiring a 16' fabric. My Great Grand Pappy always said "Measure twice and Order Once"! Awning fabrics are not returnable.
In All of this Rambling On, I forgot to mention that we have Free Shipping on the Dometic Universal Fabric! Free Shipping to Your Home or RV Park anywhere in the Lower 48 States.

Download Measuring Instruction Work Sheet

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The Universal Awning Fabrics are available in the following sizes and colors:
14' thru 21' Awnings
Sandstone, Bark, Onyx, Azure, Maroon, Meadow Green, Rodeo, Race Flag
The Awning Fabrics come with complete instructions for installation.They do not come with Pull Straps or Rivets. A&E Awnings require either (4 or 6) 3/16" Diameter x 7/16" Long Rivets. Carefree uses #2 Square Tip Screws.
All A&E Manual Awnings - Installation Instructions:
A&E Weatherpro & 9100 Power Awning - Installation Instructions
Carefree Fiesta & Spirit Manual Awnings - Installation Instructions
Carefree Eclipse Power Awning - Installation Instructions
Carefree Travel'R Power Awning - Installation Instructions
Not the Awning Fabric you are looking for? Give us a call 800-789-5588

To Learn More About RV Awnings Check Out Episode 6 on Our Podcast Channel

Jan 17th 2018

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