RV Awning End Panels

The Difference between Suntex 90% and Protex 85% RV Awning End Panel
Suntex 90% is a very high quality material that blocks out 90% of UV light or the the Sun, providing you added privacy and comfort. Because of the quality of the Suntex 90% it weighs much more than the Protex 85% material and that can make it a little more difficult to handle, especially if you have an Automatic RV Awning.10 Year Warranty

Protex 85% is a much lighter material than the Suntex 90% and it provides you an 85% UV Sunblock and the much desired added privacy. Although it is a lighter weight material it will last for years to come and it can be much easier to handle because it is lighter than the Suntex 90%.5 Year Warranty

The Zipper Door Add On
We can add a Zipper Door to any RV Awning End Panel. The doors are made with 2 zippers and you simply roll it up to open and use the attached straps to keep it in the up position.
The Height and Width can be whatever you desire.
It is a great add on if you have an Awning End Panel at the front your RV and even more so if you have an Awning Drop as well

Important Please Read: Most of the End Panels & Awning Drops will have a Horizontal Seam

Privacy, Shade, and Quality for a Cool Price!

Aug 9th 2015

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