Rubber Roof Maintenance

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RV Rubber Roof Maintenance - Don't Neglect It !


Why is it so important to take proper care of you RV's rubber roof membrane?
Rubber roof coatings on your RV are easily damaged by tree limbs, roof overhangs, the sun, & other hazards. Overtime, the sun can lead to it cracking and drying out which causes the coating to corrode and become powdery. Seals between fixtures mounted to your roof can separate allowing water to penetrate. If neglected, water can seep in & cause rotting of your RV's wood frame. Not to mention, toxic mold may form and grow right within your walls and pose a dangerous health risk to your family. The cost to repair this type of damage my be so great that it can effectively makerubber-roof-repair-3.jpg
 your RV unlivable; in other words, garbage.
How can I take good care of my RV's rubber roof?5
 It is a very simple task to perform routine maintenance on your roof compared to the cost to repair damage due to extreme neglect. Below you will find some helpful tips to help you properly care for your RV's rubber roof.

How to Maintain Your RV's Rubber Roof

  • Safely Inspect Your Roof - Look for cracks and openings between the seals in your roof. Inspect for mold and other corrosion. (Be very careful to not fall off your roof! Always watch where you're going and avoid walking backwards as much as possible. It might even be a good idea to have someone 'spot' or watch you as you do this.)roof-damage3.jpg
  • Properly Seal Any Cracks or Bad Seals - Use an appropriate rubber roof sealer / caulk that is approved for use on RV's and Motor Homes. (Do not use cheaper materials that you might find at a local hardware store that are not specifically designed for this purpose. They may not be compatible with the type of rubber material on the trailer's roof)
  • Clean You Rubber Roof - Use a good quality rubber roof cleaner that is designed for RV's. Be careful as you work around your wet roof so as not to fall or trip over hoses or other things. Allow to dry.
  • Use a Rubber Roof Treatment- After the roof dries, then use a good quality rubber roof treatment in order to seal your roof. This will condition and protect your roof from the intense UV rays of the sun's light. As a result your rubber roof should weather the elements more effectively.
  • BE CAREFUL - Do not fall! Again, watch where you are walking and be careful of walking backwards; especially when using mops, brooms, and other applicators.

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Check Out Our Multi-Part Series on Rubber Roof Repair and Maintenance @ The Smart RVer Podcast

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