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Carefree Of Colorado Weatherguard Upgrades

Arizona RV Parts Center is now offering Carefree of Colorado's Alumaguard and Flxguard as Add On Options for RV Awnings that do not have an existing Metal/Aluminum Weatherguard and would like to add this option at a reasonable price. The Alumaguard and Flxguard will fit any Carefree of Colorado, A&E (Dometic) and Solera (Lippert) RV Patio Awnings. We have kept this very simple by offering this as a package, the price will include everything you need to do the Installation yourself or you can have your favorite installer do it. All orders will usually ship within 3 Business days and be shipped directly to you.

Alumaguardis an aluminum-wrap that encloses your fabric roller assembly automatically as your awning is rolled up. It catches and channels water away, protecting your fabric from the elements. We ship the Alumaguard with the fabric of your choice. Fabric Colors and Weatherguard Color Options can be found below. Prices do not include installation, this is a DIY project.

Made from aluminum for maximum durability and protection
Patented, 3-point no-leak design
Comprised of several aluminum slats that hinge and wrap around your retracted awning canopy, providing unsurpassed protection
Available in Black, White and Satin

Alumaguard with Acrylic Fabric* - $674.00

Alumaguard with Vinyl Fades* - $574.00

Alumaguard with Dune Stripes* - $574.00

Alumaguard with Premium Vinyl* - $704.00

FLXguard®is a new, proprietary polymer developed and offered exclusively by Carefree, that rolls up with your awning to protect it from the elements. FLXguard is flexible, lightweight, robust, and gives your fabric the same protection as more expensive, heavier metal wraps - at a fraction of the cost.

Sleek, contoured, one-piece construction provides maximum fabric protection without the weight,cost or maintenance of metal wraps
Creates a smooth, polished appearance when awning is closed
Flexibility of a fabric but the toughness of metal
Welded to awning fabric, eliminating any sewn seams or bulky hems
Available in Black, White, Satin and Carbon

Flxguard with Acrylic Fabric* - $545.00

Flxguard with Vinyl Fades* - $453.00

Flxguard with Dune Stripes*- $453.00

Flxguard with Premium Vinyl*- $604.00

Acrylic Solids - Are premium fabric that will not rot, mildew or deteriorate with just minimal care. Available in 6 Standard Colors. 1 year warranty.

• Vinyl Shale Fades - These Vinyl Fabrics are a 13.5 oz material with a 1 year
warranty and come with the color on the top side, underneath is White.

Vinyl Dune Stripes - These Vinyl Fabrics are a 13.5 Vinyl Fabric with printing on both sides and come with a 1 year warranty.

• Premium Vinyl Fabrics - These are made of 15oz vinyl and sewn with Tenara Thread and stand up mildew and come with a 10 year warranty.

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