The Smart RVer Complete BestPex Crimp Fitting and RV Water Line Repair Kit

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  • The Smart RVer Complete BestPex Crimp Fitting and RV Water Line Repair Kit
  • Flair It Straight Swivel #13
  • Flair It Pex Swivel Elbow #14
  • Flair It Pex Seal #15
  • Flair It Clamp #12
  • Tubing Cutter  All RV Water Lines & Pex
  • The Smart RVer Complete BestPex Crimp Fitting and RV Water Line Repair Kit
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The Smart RVer Complete RV Pex Fitting and Water Line Kit

Embarking on an unforgettable journey in your RV is a thrilling experience, and we understand that unexpected mishaps can put a damper on the excitement. Picture this: You're on the road, surrounded by breathtaking scenery, and suddenly a water line or Pex fitting decides to act up. The last thing you want is for such an inconvenience to spoil your adventure.

Fear not! We have the perfect solution to ensure your trip remains stress-free and enjoyable. Introducing our meticulously curated Water Line and Pex Fitting Kits designed to keep you well-prepared for any unexpected challenges on the road. Whether it's Pex, Flair It, Sea Tech, or RV water fittings, we've got you covered with top-notch quality and reliability.

Don't let the fear of a potential water line mishap hold you back from exploring new destinations. Our kits are a traveler's best companion, offering peace of mind and the assurance that you can handle any plumbing hiccup with ease. Choose from our two carefully crafted kits, tailored to meet your specific needs, and let us be the safeguard for your uninterrupted adventure. Because when it comes to RV travel, being prepared is the key to turning every moment into a memorable journey.

Kit #1 Water System Paramedic (29 pieces)*
2) #1 BestPex Brass Elbow ½ x ½ pex
2) #2 BestPex Coupler ½ pex
2) #3 BestPex 1/2" Swivel Adapter Straight
1) #4 BestPex 1/2" Swivel Adapter Elbow
1) #5 BestPex Tee 1/2 x 1/2 x 1/2 Pex
2) #6 Fitting Seal 1/2
2) #7 Pex Tubing Cutter
2) #8 Pex A ½
2) #9 Pex A ⅜
5) #10 Flexible High Pressure Line 1/2
5) #11 Clear Low Pressure Line
6) #12 Pex Clamp 1/2 Pex
6) #13 PEXLOCK Clamp 1/2 Pex

Kit #2 The First Responder (33 pieces)*
1) #1 Coupler ½ x ½ pex
1) #2 Straight Swivel ½ pex x ½ fpt
1) #3 90 degree Swivel ½ pex x ½ fpt
1) #4 Elbow ½ pex x ½ mpt
1) #5 Tee ½ x ½ x ½ pex
1) #6
Elbow ½” x ½ pex
1) #7 Pex Cap ½”
1) #8 Straight  ½ pex x ½ mpt
1) #9 Coupler ½ pex x ⅜ pex
1) #10 Straight Swivel  ⅜ pex x ½ fpt
1) #11 90 Degree Swivel ⅜ pex x ½ fpt
4) #12 Pex Clamp
1) #13 Female Swivel ½ fpt x ½ barb
1) #14 Female Swivel Elbow ½ fpt x ½ barb
6) #15 Seal ½
1 Feet) #16 Pex A ½
1 Feet) #17 Pex A ⅜
2 Feet) #18 Flexible High Pressure Line 1/2"
2 Feet) #19 Clear Low Pressure Line
1) Pex Tubing Cutter


Pex A: Pex A is milky clear and more flexible than Pex B (Red, Blue, White), which is usually used in RVs. Pex A can be much easier to use.

Clear Tubing:
Clear tubing may be used in your RV

Reinforced High Pressure Very Flexible Tubing:
Sometimes used with water pumps and as water lines. Usually used with fittings requiring clamps. Usually White, Red or Blue

Note: Flair It fittings do not require any special tools. Flair-It Fittings can be replaced with brass or plastic push-in fittings requiring a stainless clamp ring. The ring requires a special tool to crimp it. DO NOT use screw clamps; they can’t get tight enough! Crimping tool not included in either kit.


*Due to the variable in RVs fresh water systems there is no guarantee either kit will have everything needed for a repair. These are suggestions based on the most commonly sold and used items in an RVs fresh water system.

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