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Freightliner M2 100% Block Out & Privacy Super C Windshield Covers All Years

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  • Freightliner M2 RV Windshield Cover 100% Privacy
  • Freightliner M2 RV 100% Block Out Windshield Cover
  • BLACK ONLY - Freightliner M2 Solid Black Fabric Windshield Cover
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Freightliner M2 Super C RV Windshield Covers - 100%  Block Out & Privacy
Fits All Years 2000 Thru 2024

Sunpro Manufacturing offers a specialized Windshield Cover designed for the Freightliner M2 Chassis, particularly for Super C RV owners. This Weather Max Windshield Cover offers many features and benefits:
  • Sun and Weather Protection: The cover is designed to block out 100% of sunlight, helping to keep the interior cool and comfortable. It also provides 100% privacy during both Day and Night.
  • Easy Installation: Installing the Windshield Cover is a quick and easy process. It involves sliding pockets over the top rear corners of the door and letting the doors hold the cover in place. There are also magnets sewn into pockets to help attach the cover to the doors, and wiper blades with matching covers assist in securing it further.
  • No Drilling or Fasteners: Unlike some other products, this cover doesn't require drilling or the use of fasteners that could potentially damage the RV.
  • Wrinkle Elimination: The design of the cover, with the doors pulling it tight, minimizes wrinkles for a neat and snug fit.
  • Custom Fit: It's specifically made to fit the Freightliner M2 Motorhome, ensuring a precise fit.
  • Accessories Included: The cover comes with a storage bag for easy storage, wiper blade covers, cleaning instructions, and an impressive 5-year warranty.
  • Quality Materials: The Windshield Cover features a Brushed Flannel backing that doesn't trap dirt and debris like non-woven felt backings. It's also water repellent on both sides to prevent water retention.
  • Shipping and Storage: The product is shipped rolled up in a box, and it's recommended to keep it rolled up when storing it to maintain its condition.

These features make the Weather Max Windshield Cover a convenient and reliable choice for RV owners looking to protect their vehicles from the elements while ensuring privacy and ease of use. The 5-year warranty also demonstrates the manufacturer's confidence in the product's quality and durability.

It's good to know that the Weather Max Windshield Cover is made from a durable and easy-to-clean high-performance fabric. Here are some key points to consider regarding its maintenance:

  • Durability: The fabric is designed to withstand various weather conditions, which is crucial for an outdoor RV accessory.
  • Cleaning: While the Weather Max fabric is resilient and stain-resistant, it's essential to keep it away from potentially damaging elements like tree sap. When cleaning is necessary, using a mild detergent is recommended.
  • Machine Washing: The manufacturer advises against washing the cover in a washing machine. Hand cleaning or spot cleaning with mild detergent is a safer approach.

Taking proper care of the Weather Max Windshield Cover will help maintain its performance and extend its lifespan, ensuring that it continues to provide sun protection, privacy, and a neat appearance for your RV.

Sunpro Manufacturing offers Custom Made Class C Windshield Covers for the very popular Freightliner M2 Chassis that has become a hit among Super C RV Owners. The Weather Max Windshield Cover offers 100% Block Out keeping the Hot Sun Out and the Cool Air in and Providing Privacy during Day & Night.

These easy-to-use Windshield Covers take just a couple of minutes to put in place. The top rear of each corner has a pocket that slides over the top rear corner of the door and when you close the door the cover is held in place. For additional holding power, there are magnets sewn into pockets that attach themselves to the doors and the wiper blades (with matching covers) also help in holding the windshield cover in place. This is a one person job and there is no drilling or cheezy fasteners being used. The doors pull the cover tight and that eliminates most wrinkles.

The Weather Max is made to fit the Freightliner M2 Motorhome Comes with a Storage Bag and Wiper Blade Covers, Cleaning Instructions and Our 10 Year Warranty. We ship this Windshield Cover Rolled Up in a Box, and we recommend you Keep it Rolled Up when storing it.

The Brushed Flannel backing does not entrap dirt and debris like non-woven felt backings. Water Repellent on both sides keeps the material from holding water.

The following are some of the Models the Freightliner M2 Windshield Cover will fit.
This list is Not a Fit Chart, is for reference only

Renegade: Valencia, Verona, Veronale
Jayco: Seneca, Seneca Prestige
Nexus: Wraith
Dynamax: Europa, DX3, Dynaquest XL
Thor: Inception, Pasadena
Newmar: Super Star, Supreme

Fabric Sample Available Upon Request. Call 406-961-8688

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    Windshield Cover

    Posted by Ed Miller on Dec 11th 2023

    Ordered windshield cover and it was delivered on time and was easy to install. Works how it was designed.

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