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Campers Coffee Snowed In Blend 12oz Whole Bean

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100% Whole Bean Snowed In Double Roast Coffee

Smart RV Parts Center offers a coffee blend called "Snowed In" and it appears to be a flavorful option for RV enthusiasts. Here's a brief overview:

Snowed In, Guatemala Double Roast is a coffee blend that combines both light and dark roasts, creating a unique flavor profile. This blend is known for its rich and bold taste. Here are the tasting notes.

Dark Chocolate: This suggests that the coffee has a deep, chocolatey flavor, which can be particularly appealing to those who enjoy the richness of dark chocolate.

Slight Smoke Overtone: The presence of a slight smoky overtone indicates that this coffee might have a subtle smokiness that adds complexity to its flavor.

Full Body: Describing the coffee as having a "full body" suggests that it offers a rich and robust mouthfeel, making it a satisfying and hearty choice.

For those who appreciate a coffee with a blend of light and dark roasts, Smart RV Parts Center's Guatemala Double Roast seems like an excellent option, especially if you enjoy the flavors of dark chocolate and a touch of smokiness in your coffee.

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