RV Awning Replacement Fabrics

RV Awning Replacement Fabrics

Please Read : Due to COVID -19 and and Major Changes to the Solera RV Awning Fabric, Carefree of Colorado is now our #1 Choice for Awning Fabrics!
Dometic is weeks behind on shipping fabrics and awnings. We are a authorized Dometic Dealer and each day we check to see what the currently delivery time is and the daily answer is "it will be 3-4 weeks." We check almost daily for updates.
Solera has made some major changes to what we once considered the best fabric you could buy. They are now experiencing major problems with their Universal Fabric. We feel they will work through this problem phase but until then we our not their #1 fan.
Carefree of Colorado has always made a great awing fabric but, they used to be over priced. Dometic's awning prices have gone up tremendously in the past year and Solera's is now experiencing quality problems. We have been selling Carefree's products for years without any problems and during the COVID-19 pandemic they have stepped up and increased their production time to a 24hr turnaround. They have earned the Title as #1 in our book.

If you are not sure which fabric to order, just give us a call @ 800-789-5588 or Text us @ 406-961-8688. Among other things, We are RV Awning Experts with over 30 years of Hands On Experience!

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