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  • ↓Episode 88 – How to Avoid Blow Outs with Trailer Tires

    In episode 88 Eric Stark goes over the different types of trailer tires and potential problems that may arise with them. Eric will explain in depth why certain tires are better for your trailer and what are the common causes/signs of potential blowouts. You'll learn proper care for your tires to help increase safety, overall longevity, and learning when is the right time to replace your tires. Eric will also share good ideas to implement when purchasing tires to make sure you are staying as safe as possible. Be sure to check out the video version of this episode as well, having a visual aid is invaluable when it comes to DIY! (Watch Podcast Video on YouTube:&nbsp;) Stay safe everyone and thank you for listening! Please subscribe, rate, and share if you enjoy! (Mudflap Fuel Saving App) (Reach us at our website Radio Arizona RV) (RV Parts &amp; Accessories:) (Our Sunshade Products) <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 87 – Maintaining an RV Roof Top Air Conditioner

    In episode 87 Eric walks us through proper maintenance and care for our RV's air conditioner. You'll also hear an update on the state of the RV parts industry given the continued global impact of the pandemic. You'll be guided through step-by-step (and in detail) how to maintain and care for your RV's air conditioner. Even if you don't plan on doing it yourself you'll learn exactly what you need to ask for when taking your RV to a shop! There is also a video version of this podcast, link is below! (Video of this episode:) Stay safe everyone and thank you for listening! Please subscribe, rate, and share if you enjoy! (Mudflap Inc:) (Reach us at our website:) (RV Parts &amp; Accessories:) (Our Sunshade Products:&nbsp;) <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 86 – The Death of Atwood Water Heaters

    In episode 86 Eric discusses what happened with Atwood water heaters and why you can't find them anymore. If you've been wondering why you can't find any Atwood water heaters or their parts, Eric will help enlighten you as to what happened and what to do moving forward. This is the first Radio Arizona RV podcast to also exist on video. That way if there are any questions or you want to see exactly what Eric is talking about you can! (Link is included below) Video of this episode: ( Stay safe everyone and thank you for listening! Please subscribe, rate, and share if you enjoy! Mudflap: ( Reach us at our website: ( RV Parts &amp; Accessories: ( Our Sunshade Products: ( <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 85 – Do Cell Phone Signal Boosters Really Work! Trailer Tire Bonus Section

    In episode 85 Eric goes in-depth on cellphone signal boosters and answers the question often asked, "Do cellphone signal boosters even work?" You'll hear an update on the current state of the RV parts industry during the pandemic, and what you should do if you are looking to buy parts. Eric will also answer a listeners' question, "What tire brand do you get behind?" If you are looking for informed, tried, and true answers, be sure to listen to this one! weBoost Cell Phone Signal Boosters Goodyear Endurance Trailer Tires Stay safe everyone and thank you for listening! Please subscribe, rate, and share if you enjoy! &nbsp; Mudflap: ( RV Parts &amp; Accessories: ( Our Sunshade Products: ( <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 84 – New RV Owners Learn by Trial By Fire!

    In episode 84 Eric welcomes new RV owners by giving tips and advice on what to do upon becoming an RV owner. There is a lot that goes into owning and maintaining an RV and researching online isn't always a surefire way to learn the best ways to do something or even reasonable ways of doing something. Eric helps parse through all of the opinions, explains the why behind them, and helps you decide what avenues could work best for you. If you have just become a new owner of an RV this episode will help you learn how to find answers that work specifically for you and your RV along with good advice in owning your first RV! Stay safe everyone and thank you for listening! Please subscribe, rate, and share if you enjoy! Mudflap: ( RV Parts &amp; Accessories: ( Our Sunshade Products: ( <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 83 How to Diagnose and Repair Atwood Water Heater

    In episode 83 Eric walks us through diagnosing problems with Atwood water heaters. More specifically Eric will cover 12 volt (or LP) systems and 120 volt systems, both before and after 2004. He'll be going through step by step explaining each part, how to check everything, and understanding how everything works and relates to the overall system. Understanding how your water heater system works and diagnosing problems with them will lead to fewer headaches down the road, whether that be for the DIYer or even just those who would prefer to take it to a shop! Stay safe everyone and thank you for listening! Please subscribe, rate, and share if you enjoy! Mudflap: ( Reach us at our website: ( RV Parts &amp; Accessories: ( Our Sunshade Products: ( <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 82 How to Diagnose a Suburban RV Water Heater

    In episode 82 Eric walks us through diagnosing problems with Suburban Water Heaters. More specifically Eric will cover 110-volt system and propane (or 12 volts) systems found on Suburban Water Heaters. He'll be going through step by step explaining how everything works, what should be happening, and how it relates to the overall system. Learning how to diagnose water heater problems before they happen will save you a lot of headaches down the road. Not to mention how much easier it will be to take to a shop when you know exactly what is wrong with your system! Stay safe everyone and thank you for listening! Please subscribe, rate, and share if you enjoy! Mudflap: ( RV Parts &amp; Accessories: ( Our Sunshade Products: ( <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 81- Understanding How an RV Furnace Operates

    In episode 81 Eric walks us through how RV furnaces work and how to diagnose problems with them. Eric will take you step by step through each part of your furnace system while detailing any potential problems that may arise at each stop along the way. Furnaces are just like any other appliances on your RV, they aren't uniform and have many different makes and models. Eric goes over the importance of making sure you document the parts of not just your furnace but the rest of your RV as well. Be sure to listen to this episode so you'll know what to do when this problem arises! Stay safe everyone and thank you for listening! Please subscribe, rate, and share if you enjoy! Mudflap: ( Reach us at our website: ( RV Parts &amp; Accessories: ( Our Sunshade Products: ( <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 80 – Save Cash with the Mudflap Diesel Fuel App

    In episode 80 Eric talks about saving money on buying diesel fuel by using the Mudflap app. Mudflap isn't just for people who own an RV it's for anyone who uses diesel fuel. By using the Mudflap app at select gas stations you will be able to save up to 50 cents per gallon on gas! Eric has sent this app out to some friends and has had nothing but a positive response from them about how easy and well it works. Using this app in the long run will end up saving you a good amount of money that could've been spent on any number of other things! Be sure to pick this app up to start saving today! &nbsp; Stay safe everyone and thank you for listening! Please subscribe, rate, and share if you enjoy! &nbsp; (Mudflap App &amp; Promo Code) Reach us at our website: ( RV Parts &amp; Accessories: ( Our Sunshade Products: ( <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 79 – 10 Reasons to Pull The Decision Making Trigger – Mudflap App Bonus

    In episode 79 Eric talks about 10 reasons why we are typically hesitant in pulling the trigger on RV repairs and how to overcome them. It's often very easy to fall into these traps and remain complacent while problems are becoming worse and worse. Eric will talk you through the common areas we all get caught up in and how to work through them so it's not as scary or intimidating. Part of doing DIY work is overcoming these reasons we give ourselves to avoid doing work in the first place. Staying on top of your RV's repairs and maintenance are key in keeping your RV performing well and keeping it's resale value higher. Don't allow yourself to fall victim to these unhelpful mindsets! Stay safe everyone and thank you for listening! Please subscribe, rate, and share if you enjoy! (Mudflap App for Saving Cash on Diesel Fuel) Reach us at our website: ( RV Parts &amp; Accessories: ( Our Sunshade Products: ( <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 78 – Are RV Awning Parts Interchangeable Between Brands?

    In episode 78 Eric discusses how interchangeable RV awning parts are. It's been tough finding the proper parts for your RV due to covid-19 and Eric has been asked a lot recently what if any parts are interchangeable when it comes to RV awnings. You'll learn what parts are okay to swap and what parts are not recommended to force together. He'll go over motors, arms, and fabrics in detail so you know exactly what to do for your specific situation. Since parts are becoming scarce now is a good time to become well informed on proper protocol when it comes to replacing parts on your RV awning. Stay safe everyone and thank you for listening! Please subscribe, rate, and share if you enjoy! RV Parts &amp; Accessories: ( Our Sunshade Products: ( <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 77 – Why Can’t I find My RV Tail and Clearance Lights?

    In episode 77 Eric answers the question: "Why can't I find my RV tail and clearance lights when I go to an RV store?" Finding replacement RV tail lights should be easy, but as Eric will tell you brands, makes, and models will come and go. You'll learn what to when you can't find your exact brand and model of RV tail/clearance lights. With winter quickly approaching now is the time to get a lot of your RV projects done. Eric gives advice on keeping lists and writing down replacement dates of parts or model numbers to help in maintaining and replacing parts on your RV. If you've ever had trouble finding your specific taillights, this episode is here to help you out! Stay safe everyone and thank you for listening! Please subscribe, rate, and share if you enjoy! RV Parts &amp; Accessories: ( Our Sunshade Products: ( <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 76 – How to Winterize Your RV

    In episode 76 Eric goes through the process of winterizing your RV. You'll also hear an update on how covid-19 is affecting the RV industry and what you should do in the current climate. Eric will go over everything in a nearly step by step process of winterizing your RV. With winter quickly approaching taking the necessary steps to ensure your RV will be properly winterized will not only give you peace of mind but also help your RV from unnecessary issues down the road. Stay safe everyone and thank you for listening! Please subscribe, rate, and share if you enjoy! How To Winterize Your RV. Blow out system with air. Fill system with RV Antifreeze. You will need a few items: Non-toxic RV antifreeze(2-3 Gallons is usually sufficient). A water heater by-pass kit – There are 2 sizes, 6 and 10 gallon kits. A Holding tank Wand to clean out the black and grey water tanks. A water pump converter kit, or the equivalent for pressurizing the water lines with RV Antifreeze. A few basic hand tools will be required. Follow the steps below after acquiring the above products and tools as needed. RV Manufacturers sometimes provide additional information to winterize the RV. This information can be found in the owner’s manual.&nbsp;Not every step will apply to every RV. Water Filters, Remove or bypass any inline water filters. Fresh Water Tank, Drain. Black and Grey Water Tanks, Drain and flush with the builtin flusher or use a wand type flusher. Water Heater, Open the pressure relief valve to relieve the pressure and then remove the drain plug (Atwood/Dometic) or the anode rod (Suburban) Faucets, Open the hot and cold side of each faucet, open the toilet water valve by flushing the toilet. Include outdoor showers and wash down faucets. Low Point Drains, Open the low point drain valves (Hot and Cold). The water pump can be used to force water out. Do not run the pump any longer than needed to clear lines. Close all faucets and valves that were opened for the above processes. Water Heater By-pass, Check to see if your water heater has a by-pass kit installed on it. If so, put it in by-pass mode. It is recommended to have one because it will save at least six gallons of RV Antifreeze. Water Pump, Water Pump Converter Kits are the easiest way to get the RV Antifreeze into the water lines. You can also connect clear tubing to the inlet side of the water pump to simulate a converter kit. After the tube is connected, put it in a gallon of RV Antifreeze. Converter Kits make it easier year after year. Pressurize Water System, Pressurize the system by turning on the water pump. Open the faucets one by one, hot and cold starting with the closest faucet until antifreeze appears. Check the RV Antifreeze container to make sure it is not running low. Faucet’s, Start with the closest faucet to the farthest faucet. Open each faucet hot and cold sides. If you have an outside shower do the same process. Toilet, Flush the toilet to cycle the water valve until RV Antifreeze appears. City Water Hook Up, You have tow choices for doing this. 1) While the pump is on you can remove the small screen and push the valve in until RV Antifreeze comes out. Caution- The Water System is under Pressure. 2) Turn the water pump off and open a faucet to relieve the pressure and then push the valve in until you see RV Antifreeze. Depressurize, The water pump can be turned off and now open any faucet to relieve the pressure. Drains, A cup full of RV Antifreeze should be poured into each drain. You can also pour some RV Antifreeze into the toilet and flush it into the holding tank. Electric Water Heater, If your water heater is 110 volts, be sure to turn it off now that the water heater is empty. This is a good practice to protect the heating element if the RV is plugged into shore power. Final Steps, Close all faucets and consult the RV Owners Manual for additional steps to winterize washing machines and Icemakers. Give yourself a High Five, you have... <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 75 Energizer Arc5 Power Station

    In episode 75 Eric reviews the Energizer Arc5 portable power station. You may remember Eric talking about this last week as the past two podcast recordings have been completely powered by the Arc5. He'll go over all of the important specifications and his experiences with using the Arc5 over the past couple of weeks. It truly opens up your possibilities for charging and running your electronics when you otherwise wouldn't have access to power. Having an extra source of power and one that's as reliable, portable, and is as easy to use as this just makes sense for every RVer to have one.Stay safe everyone and thank you for listening! Please subscribe, rate, and share if you enjoy! (Check Out the Arc5 Power Station:) RV Parts &amp; Accessories: ( Our Sunshade Products: ( qHqppaVnjlmRW4DGqGY0 <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 74 RV Black and Gray Water Tanks Do’s and Don’ts

    In episode 74 Eric does the dirty work and discusses black and grey RV water holding tanks. You'll learn everything involved in maintaining and making sure you prevent any possible issues regarding your RV holding tanks. He explains the differences between your two tanks and what the exact process is to make sure each tank stay functioning and clean. Eric goes over all the potential cleaning methods and gives you advice on which method he thinks is best. It's a dirty job but it needs done, make sure you listen to this episode to make sure you know how to reduce tank odor and keep everything as clean as possible. &nbsp;Stay safe everyone and thank you for listening! Please subscribe, rate, and share if you enjoy! Reach us at our website: ( RV Parts &amp; Accessories: ( Our Sunshade Products: ( <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓RV 110 Volt Power Cords and Adapters

    In episode 73 Eric discusses RV power cords and 110-volt adapters. Eric gives a follow up to previous topics such as properly greasing and caring for your wheel bearings, and reexamines statements regarding never buying products from certain companies again. You'll hear a covid-19 update in regards to the RV parts industry and an important reminder that you need to look out for price gouging. Making sure you have the correct power cords and adapters may seem simple but there is often confusion about what you need. Eric goes over everything you need in great detail so that you know you are purchasing the right cord/adapter for the job! Stay safe everyone and thank you for listening! Please subscribe, rate, and share if you enjoy! YouTube link: ( Reach us at our website: ( RV Parts &amp; Accessories: ( Our Sunshade Products: ( <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 72 – Motorhome Chassis Maintenance

    In episode 72 Eric dives into how to properly maintain your motorhome chassis to help prevent issues down the road. You'll hear an update on the state of the RV industry during the covid-19 pandemic and what you should do if you need parts. Keeping mileage and date records for your parts is just as important here as it was for your trailer chassis. One of the keys to not being overwhelmed to performing maintenance on your motorhome chassis is to break it down bit by bit. Eric will go through step by step what you will need to do and be aware of so that you can stay on top of keeping your motorhome running well. Stay safe everyone and thank you for listening! Please subscribe, rate, and share if you enjoy! Reach us at our website: ( RV Parts &amp; Accessories: ( Our Sunshade Products: ( <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 71 – Travel & 5th Wheel Trailer Chassis Maintenance

    In episode 71 Eric talks about trailer chassis maintenance, whether it's a travel trailer, a fifth wheel, or any number of other trailers, all the principles will still apply. You'll learn how important and helpful keeping mileage and date records will allow you to be on top of problems before they arise. Eric will give a complete rundown of everything you need to do and check to maintain your trailer, from tires, breaks, wheel bearings, wiring, all the way to leaf springs and everything in between. Make sure you stay on top of your trailer's maintenance with these steps so that you can enjoy peace of mind moving forward. Stay safe everyone and thank you for listening! Please subscribe, rate, and share if you enjoy! Reach us at our website: ( RV Parts &amp; Accessories: ( Our Sunshade Products: ( <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓ Episode 70 – How to Buy a Generator to Use With Your RV

    In episode 70 Eric let's you know the best brands to buy from when searching for inverter style generators. Eric goes through a list of a lot of current day brands currently making inverter style generators and talks about who has been making the most reliable and best products in the current market. You'll learn why inverter style generators are most likely the best choice of generator for your RV. Eric also gives a covid-19 update from the perspective of finding RV parts in the current climate. Making sure you own a generator that is reliable and dependable will bring you peace of mind so that you can focus more important things. The take away is really simple. If you can afford a Honda or Yamaha generator than purchase either one. If you want the same quality than purchase an Energizer generator. If all the above are out your budget then purchase any other brand. Listen to the podcast to hear why. Stay safe everyone and thank you for listening! Please subscribe, rate, and share if you enjoy! RV Parts &amp; Accessories: ( Our Sunshade Products: ( <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 69 – RV Hydraulic Jacks – Get Rid of the Popping Noise

    In episode 69 Eric gives a definitive answer on fixing the popping noise that can happen with hydraulic leveling systems. Eric goes through each step from making sure all hydraulics are retracted, to finding your hydraulics reservoir and replacing some of the fluids with fork oil, to precautionary measures and making sure the fluids are cycled properly. You'll also hear a covid-19 update and to help illustrate how it has affected the RV industry Eric discusses the availability of twist on valve's and how to make your own since they are scarce. With everything happening, it's a vital skill to make sure you know how to fix your RV. How to Make Your Own RV Twist On Valve! How to Instructions from Lippert Components. Introduction: If there is a popping noise in a Lippert Leveling system, Lippert has approved adding a quart of anti-stiction fluid. Approved fluids are listed by brand name and fluid characteristics below: 1. Torco RFF Grade 15 (Fig. 1) 2. Maxima Fork Oil Grade 15 (Fig. 2) 3. Caterpillar Hydraulic Oil Additive 1U-9891 (Fig. 3) For maximum results in the shortest amount of time, please follow the preparation and procedure exactly as written below. Failure to follow the preparation and procedure may result in delayed resolution of the audible disturbance. Preparation: 1. Obtain a clean container (large enough to hold a quart of fluid) 2. Obtain a fluid extraction device (siphon, turkey baster, etc.) 3. Fully retract all hydraulic cylinders and jacks. Process: 1. Using the fluid extraction device, remove one quart of fluid from the power unit reservoir. 2. Add 1/2 quart of the specified fluid. 3. Extend all hydraulic cylinders and jacks fully. 4. Add the remaining amount of the specified fluid. 5. Fully retract all hydraulic cylinders and jacks. 6. Run the Auto-Level feature on the Level-Up system per the instructions found in the Owner's Manual. NOTE: If the noise persists, the addition of a second quart may be necessary. Follow steps 1 through 6 Stay safe everyone and thank you for listening! Please subscribe, rate, and share if you enjoy! Reach us at our website: ( RV Parts &amp; Accessories: ( Our Sunshade Products: ( <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 68 – RV Toilets What You Need to Know!

    In episode 68 Eric reviews the biggest names in RV toilets and what to look for to find the right toilet for you and your RV. Eric gives a COVID-19 update from the perspective of the RV parts industry and gives advice for what to do in the coming weeks and months. Eric will discuss his recommendation, how to go about installing it, common problems that can arise, and which toilets have easily replaceable parts. Knowing and understanding how to fix or replace your toilet is absolutely vital, so be sure not to miss this episode! Stay safe everyone and thank you for listening! Please subscribe, rate, and share if you enjoy! Reach us at our website: ( RV Parts &amp; Accessories: ( Our Sunshade Products: ( Boat Lines &amp; Rope: ( <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 67 RV Sunshades for Windows and Awnings

    In episode 67 Eric focuses on the cost-effectiveness and benefits of owning sun shades for your RV. With hotter temperatures already arriving, blocking out the sun and heat will help make your summer all the more enjoyable. Eric also gives an update on the current state of finding and obtaining RV parts through the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are looking for a more cost affordable DIY project in addition to keeping things cooler and protecting your RV's interior from the sun, sun shades are definitely worth thinking about! Stay safe everyone and thank you for listening! Please subscribe, rate, and share if you enjoy! Reach us at our websites: ( RV Parts &amp; Accessories: ( Our Sunshade Products: ( <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 66 – RV Slide Out Awnings, What You Need to Know

    In episode 66 Eric continues where he left off from the last episode to talk more specifically about RV slide out awnings. He explains why it's a good idea to call or talk to someone before ordering a slide-out awning, due to how easy it is to order the wrong one and to prevent the hassle of needing to return an order. He also revisits the current big companies in the RV awning business, Dometic/A&amp;E, Solera, and Carefree of Colorado, and gives an update on how they are adapting to the COVID-19 crisis. Eric even answers what company he considers the best when it comes to RV slide out awnings in addition to how to pick the best slide out awning for you. If you've had any questions regarding slide-out RV awnings be sure to listen to this episode! Stay safe everyone and thank you for listening! Please subscribe, rate, and share if you enjoy! Reach us at our websites: ( RV Parts &amp; Accessories: ( Our Sunshade Products: ( <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 65 What You Need to Know About RV Awnings

    In episode 65 Eric gives a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about RV awnings. He takes a look at each of the current best companies in the RV awning business, Dometic, Solera, and Carefree of Colorado with an evaluation on how they've been running while considering the covid-19 crisis. Eric will give advice for replacing your current RV awning and help you answer the question "How do I choose a brand or model?" Be sure to listen if you've ever had any questions regarding RV awnings! Stay safe everyone and thank you for listening! Please subscribe, rate, and share if you enjoy! Reach us at our websites:&nbsp; ( RV Parts &amp; Accessories:&nbsp; ( Our Sunshade Products:&nbsp; ( <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 64 Why You Need a Micro-Air Easy Start for Your RV A/C

    In episode 64 Eric discusses the Micro Air EasyStart, a product that makes an air conditioner start easier and allows it to run on a smaller generator. It's a newer product that works well at what it does and can potentially save you the hassle of getting a larger generator. It helps eliminate the issues of the AC coming on while using other electrical appliances and tripping the breaker. It can also allow you to run 2 ACs on a 30 amp cord with just a 2,000 watt generator! Eric also gives advice on installation and the importance of taking pictures before beginning any replacement or installation. Definitely a product&nbsp;to look into to save you a ton of time, hassle, and ultimately comfortability. Stay safe everyone and thank you for listening! Please subscribe, rate, and share if you enjoy! (Purchase a Micro-Air Easy Start) Reach us at our websites: ( RV Parts &amp; Accessories: ( Our Sunshade Products: ( <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 63 Do You Need an Auto Former for Low Voltage

    In episode 63 Eric helps you figure out if buying a Hughes autoformer is the right choice for you and your RV. If you've already been considering purchasing power surge protector and have worried about possible low voltage issues, it's definitely something to consider. Eric also implores you to consider if you will be dry camping, where you will be camping, what appliances you have on board, and even if you are just the type of person who enjoys their peace of mind. If you are the type to want to prevent things ever becoming a problem a Hughes autoformer is probably a worthwhile purchase! Stay safe everyone and thank you for listening! Please subscribe, rate, and share if you enjoy! Reach us at our website:&nbsp; ( <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 62 – RV Lithium Ion Batteries

    In episode 62 Eric discusses deep cycle batteries and the comparisons with the newer lithium-ion batteries for your RV. Batteries are an often overlooked but important part of keeping your RV running the best it can for as long as it can. Eric explains his experiences with different brands of batteries he's used and the specific batteries he sells and supports. He also goes over the pros and cons of each type of battery and what type of battery would benefit you and your RV the most! Stay safe everyone and thank you for listening! Please subscribe, rate, and share if you enjoy! Listen Now! #yourbestrvpodcast Reach us at our website:&nbsp; ( <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 61 – Haloview Back Up Camera Systems

    In episode 61 Eric emphasizes the importance of backup camera systems and how valuable they are not just for safety while backing up but moving forward as well. Eric discusses and reviews the Haloview brand of camera systems in-depth, from functionality to installation and everything in between. Increased visibility, ease of use/installation, and above all else safety are the key components to these systems and why you should consider them for your next trip! Listen Now! (For More Information and Pricing.) Thank you for listening! Please subscribe, rate, and share if you enjoy! Reach us at our website:&nbsp; ( <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 60 – It’s Time To Upgrade the RV Furniture

    In episode 60 Eric gives advice on upgrading your RV's furniture to make it feel more comfy. As a follow up to the previous episode's question (Do you enjoy your RV?) Eric takes a closer look at how and where to find RV specific furniture that will drastically improve your experience and comfort with your RV. From advising on specific brands to even cheaper solutions such as using smart tiles to spruce up your kitchen, this episode has something for everyone! (LippertFurniture Brochure) Listen Now! Thank you for listening! Please subscribe, rate, and share if you enjoy! <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Do You Enjoy Your RV?

    Do You Enjoy Your RV? In Episode 59&nbsp;Eric asks an important and often taken for granted question: Do you enjoy your RV? Listen as he takes a deep dive into ways you can improve your RV experience and make it feel more comfy and like you are at home. Whether it be minor things like a key ring holder to replacing a shower curtain or even the bedspread. You'll learn how to take it from an RV to your RV. Listen Now! Thank you for listening &amp; please subscribe, rate, and share if you enjoy! #YourBestRVPodcast Reach us at our website: ( <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 58 Electrical Problems – DIY or Take to a Service Center

    Full Show Transcript: This is Eric Stark with Radio Arizona RV. It's about six o'clock in the morning on a Thursday. It's snowing this morning. What a better day to talk about electrical systems in RVs. And the real question is whether to take it to a dealership, to a repair facility, or just tackle the problem on your own. So that's what we're going to be discussing today and this is episode number 58 about electrical systems. Basically, taking it someplace or doing it yourself. Now just as reminder, check out our website, that'll take you to all our other websites where we sell RV parts. If you're new to the show. We own sun pro manufacturing, which we make sunshade products for RVs slide out awning, fabrics. We sell a bazillion of them. They're flying out the door every day. Awesome product, great warranty, great prices, the problem free slide out awning fabric. 00:59 Now before we get into the show, I want to talk a little bit about scams. My mother is 82 years old and she's been a target for the last few years, but it seems like it's just getting worse. I am trying to convince her to not buy into these scams. And trying to get her to believe that they are scams has become somewhat of a challenge. My brothers and I are dealing with phone calls and problems and trying to keep the money in her bank, not in some foreign country for some guy who's, you know, bilking it from her. I'm sure everybody is getting &nbsp;robo calls. You're getting emails, you're getting all these different ways that people are coming at you in different ways to try to take your money. My mom's no different, I'm no different. I see the stuff all the time. We get the phone calls, get the emails, but she seems to want to fall for it. 01:53 And this is just kind of a word of warning. Be careful, be cautious. Most companies are not going to call you and ask you for banking information. Most companies aren't going to call you with some sort of story. That sounds kind of wild. One of the recent scams is a company calls her up and tells her that they do the antivirus software on her computer and they need to log in and change some settings because the company was just bought by a new company and they're updating everybody and rather than have the persons do it on their own, they're just making it part of their customer service package and just calling everybody and giving them access to their computer and going in and changing the settings that need to be set. Well my mom went for this and it almost cost her a thousand dollars and she gave out her bank account information. 02:45 The guy logged into her computer, changed some settings. He changed the password so she could not log back into her computer and he became the administrator locked her out. The only time if that computer is on the only person who could access it would be him. Now my mom had enough sense after the fact because he wanted her to go to Best Buy and get two gift cards for $500 each and call him back and give him the number on the gift cards. Well, on the way to Best Buy, she decided she'd go to the bank and run it by them, and they told her it's a scam. But she'd already given them her bank account information so they could see that he was already trying to get money. So, they closed the account, shut down her credit cards, everything. She had to start from scratch, which was a real chore. 03:32 And she didn't lose that thousand dollars or more. She just lost the money it took to take her computer to a shop so they could reinstall windows so she could access it again. And now I would have done that for her. But she's in California, I'm in Montana and my brothers aren't computer savvy, so it wasn't going to happen that way. She had to pay 120 bucks, which isn't bad, cheaper than a new computer. But two weeks later she did the same thing, gave someone access to her computer, they went in and deleted the antivirus program, tried to get some money from her, gain... <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Pex Water Lines and Fittings – What to Keep in Your Tool Box

    This the Full Transcript of the Podcast! This is Eric Stark with Radio Arizona RV. Today's show is episode number 57 and it is going to be about water lines and fittings and what you should keep in your RV toolbox. And so this episode is based on the amount of customers I have. They come into my store or call and have questions about water lines and what fittings they need, what fitting's are going work. And quite often there's some confusion thinking that the RV Parts guy just knows what an RV has, what fitting goes to the toilet, what fitting goes to a faucet. And in a lot of cases those fittings are narrowed down to one or two. But the question of what size line that the RV has comes up, a faucet takes a 1/2 pipe thread fitting a female pipe thread fitting. Same with an RV toilet, but the waterline going to it might be 3/8 or it might be 1/2. Timing 00:54 So those are the questions. And then is fitting a 90 degree or is it straight? So trying to narrow this down a little bit and help you to understand before you go to the store and be a little more prepared, take pictures, bring a sample. Samples are always the best. Pictures help quite a bit, especially with water fittings and lines. Sometimes you can’t really tell what it is. Sometimes it's harder to tell, but with a sample you walk in the door that this is what I need, who can't argue with that. So breaking this down, I want to go into the different types of fittings, the different types of lines this is not going to take real long. And then kind of a pricing structure too. If you compare the different brands and fittings, that might be what makes the decision for you. Timing 01:37&nbsp;You might say “I don't want to spend that much and this cheaper fitting will work or this feels and it looks a little bit better, might be a little more expensive, but Hey, I think it'll be easier to use”. But before we get into that, talking about the different fittings and tubing that goes in an RV as well to remind everybody to check out our website, and remember that takes you to all of our other websites, SunPro, Hot Boat Ropes, Arizona RV parts Center, you know where we sell all of our products online. And also to join our emailing list and subscribe to our channel on YouTube. Check out our page on Facebook. You know we're going all in on social marketing so we have to advertise this or I have to talk about it, but it just makes it easier, more places for you to get connected. Timing 02:21 And I also want to throw this out there. I would like to know if you would appreciate a Facebook group. I'm thinking about starting one. This is a show about RV Maintenance and Education for the do it yourself so, the group would be designed for like-minded persons to share ideas and thoughts. And I would throw in stuff from time to time along with some tips and tricks and things like that and also answer questions. So if you'd appreciate something like that, email me, go to RadioArizona and use the contact us page there and you can just email me, tell me what you think. So I'd love to start something like that, but want to make sure that you guys want it, that it'd be beneficial to you. Okay, so now back to the show. Timing&nbsp;03:08&nbsp;Again, this is episode 57 this is about PEX fittings and PEX waterline for RVs. Most RVs use PEX tubing in them, they might use some soft vinyl tubing, some reinforced vinyl tubing. There's going to be a little variety there, but most all the time it is going to be a 90% PEX tubing. I think the tubing is straightforward and it might be gray, red, blue, white or opaque white. It's all PEX tubing and it is all interchangeable, if you have gray and you go to the store and they hand you white there shouldn't be any problems. The PEX tubing is pretty straight forward I believe. Now the fittings are a little bit different. I'm sure most stores carry Flair It fittings. That's probably going to be the most popular fitting. Timing... <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • Winegard RV TV Antenna Trouble Shooting – King Satellite Bonus

    Winegard Transcript: Hey everybody. This is Eric Stark with Radio Arizona RV. Today's episode is episode number 56 we're going to be talking about Winegard TV Antennas and a little bit about King Satellite Dishes, a particular model of King satellite dish, Winegard Antennas are pretty popular. It's been the RV Antenna staple for decades now, so that's what we're going to discuss. What might be wrong with it when it's not working correctly? When you can't watch that TV show and you're not getting any channels, but first I want to remind everybody to go to from there you can find links to our other websites such as sun pro manufacturing and hot boat ropes and Arizona RV parts center. Those websites are where we sell the products that we either make or that we just sell online, so check those out! Timing: (01:08) I'm would suggest just going to and also while you're there at sometimes you only hear the show because you're listening to it through iTunes or Google podcast or Stitcher, Spotify, one of those channels, but sometimes on the website there's things there that you don't normally get by just listening to it. You can go look at the website, you can peruse it and learn a little bit more about me. See what's going on. Links to the other websites. As I said, you can sign up for our newsletter. Sometimes in the show notes per for each episode there's things in the show notes that I did not put in the show when I was recording it.&nbsp;Winegard Antenna RVs have them. They've had them for years, decades now. Timing: (01:51) It's a pretty popular antenna and they've stayed the same over the years. They've changed very little. A handle that works on one today can work on one that's 20 years old. Couple of different style of shafts, but that's about it. And all the RV stores or most of the RV stores carry parts for them. So it's a pretty straightforward antenna, it's stood the test of time, you know, they don't fall apart on the roof. They're not like a super high end looking thing. They're pretty basic, but they actually work pretty darn well. So it's a nice impressive antenna. And what I appreciate too is that Winegard hasn't tried to fix it, you know, or quote unquote fix it. They've left it the same because it's a good design. So they haven't come out with a worse version of it. In other words, I know, let's do this and make it better, which actually makes it worse. Timing: (02:36) We've all seen that, it doesn't even have to be the RV industry. It could be any industry they do that try to improve and it makes it worse. So now with Winegard Antenna, you know the whole point of the antenna, the TV Antenna and your RV’ing or you're camping. Wherever you're at and you want to watch broadcast television, you want to dial in or tune into the local channels and see what's in the local area or just to get some entertainment, kill some time, whatever it might be. You turn on your TV, you turn on the amplifier to the antenna and you expect to see some sort of TV shows, right? You might have to move the Antenna a little bit, adjust it. Maybe you look outside, see your neighbors antenna and where it's pointing, you kind of adjust yours the same way, you know, so you don't have to spend as much time adjusting it and it doesn't work! Timing: (03:25) What happened? It worked the last time we were camping, worked yesterday at this other RV park. Why does it work today? Well, the simple thing could be just that it's not tuned in. You don't have it pointing in the right direction, you know, you didn't get it high enough, low enough, whatever it might be. So you might have to mess with the adjustment. And you know, we've had, or I've had people over the years coming into the store and quite often it's the same thing. It's just that my neighbors works, mine doesn't work. I'm not getting any TV channels and I've, you know, set it right where theirs is. We've stood outside, they've... <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • RV Power Awning 12 Volt Motor Problems

    RV Maintenance Tips for the DIY! In Episode 56 I explain the importance of understanding how your Power Awning can be retracted in an emergency. The emergency is usually when you want to leave in your RV and the Power Awning won’t come in. That poses a real problem. I break it down by the awning manufacturer. This applies Only to 12 volt RV Power Awnings. Dometic/A&amp;E 9100 and Weatherpro Awnings are the same when it comes to retracting them if the motor has failed. The process to override the motor and bring the awning in is the most effective if the awning is fully extended. There is a reason for this being necessary. The awning roller tube has three grooves in it and one of them is for a Pull Strap to be inserted to enable you to be able to control how the awning retracts. You should have the Pull Strap, if not you will need to purchase one from any RV Parts Store and you can use any Pull Strap for a Dometic/A&amp;E Manual Awning. A Carefree pull strap will work as well. The 9100 or Weatherpro awning will need to be extended for you to insert the pull strap into the available groove on the Roller Tube. The rear of left end of the roller tube has a Torsion Assembly with a spring on it used for tensioning. You need to be aware of that so you understand how the awning operates. Before you do the next step you should have a person holding the awning pull strap to keep the awning from retracting out of control. After the strap is attached you will loosen the Hex Head Screw on the 12 volt motor that is located on the front of the awning, also called the right side. With the screw loose you can walk the awning towards the RV. To lock the awning in the closed position tighten the screw on the motor, the same screw you loosened to retract the awning. (Dometic/A&amp;E Power Awning Instructions) Carefree of Colorado have their own unique spin on retracting an awning with 12 volt drive motor problems. It doesn’t appear that there is a simple solution to retracting a Carefree power awning with a bad motor. If there isn’t 12 volts going to the motor it is a little easier to work with. In this podcast I explain the process to manually override and a couple models of their awnings but not all of them. Carefree has about 8 different power awnings on RV’s. Carefree just can’t help themselves when it comes to reinventing their own awnings. Not all of their awnings are available at the retail level, some only come on new units and they are referred to as OEM models. Currently they have 4 Vertical Arm Awnings, 3 Lateral Arm Awnings and 1 Box Awning. Although, they are similar in how to override them, they are all a little bit different. Usually with a little know how you can overcome an obstacle just by a little examination of the motor and how it is attached. That is why I am including a link to Carefree’s website for you to download your manual and get a much better understanding. Carefree of Colorado Awning Instructions: (Altitude Power Awnings) (Eclipse Power Awnings) (Travel'r Power Awnings) (All Other Carefree Power Awnings) Solera has got this figured out! On the Front arm where the motor lives there is a rubber plug in the motor cover. You pop the plug out and run the awning in or out by using a 7/16” socket on a cordless drill and pull the trigger. It goes kind of slow but, it is a life saver compared to Dometic and Carefree of Colorado. There is no reason to see a manual on how to perform this procedure, it is really that simple! I highly recommend that you perform the manual override on your awning to become familiar with it so you can save your own hide when the fails or to assist a fellow RV’er. The... <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • The Best Water Filtration for RV’s

    In Episode 54 I have Keith Bernard on the show and we discuss water filters for RV's. Keith is an expert in this field and is the owner of (Clear 2O) water filtration systems. I have always been a firm believer in filtered water and I have often brought bottled water with me on trips in my RV, not any more. I will do it the easy way and filter my water with (Clear 2O) water filters. I have not come across such a useful product that does what I really want it to do, filter my water so I can drink it. The following are the questions that we covered in the interview. 1.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Why is clean water so important in your RV? 2.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;What are the different types of filtration available for the RV (in-line filters, countertop, water pitchers, etc.)? What are the pros and cons of each? 3.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;How does the RVer ultimately decide what solution is best for them? Is it based on how often they use their RV, what they’re using the water for, or some other parameters? 4.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Your filtration systems use solid-block carbon. Why is that a more effective medium than granulated carbon? 5.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;It’s just as important to have a filtration system that leaves in the good minerals as it is one that takes out the bad ones, correct? 6.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Would you recommend the same filtration solutions to the occasional RVer as you would the serious, full-time RVer? By the same token, would you recommend different solutions based on the size of the RV? 7.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;You’ve just come out with a new Dual Canister System for RVs. Tell us about it and what benefits it brings to the serious RVer.&nbsp; 8.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;You’re competing in the marketplace with some pretty big players. How have you been successful against this kind of competition? 9.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;A little off the topic of RVs, but with the crisis a few years back in Flint, Mi and the recent one in Newark, NJ, it seems that many of our water supplies are not as safe as we thought. In fact, studies have shown that some supplies can make you sick, even if they meet legal health standards. How bad is our nation’s water? <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • Go Power Solar Panels & Inverters Part 2

    Episode 53 (part 2) is all About Go Power Solar and as an added bonus Mark Spillsbury from Go Power Solar is my guest. Go Power Solar has been in the RV Solar Panel game for about 23 years making Go Power one of the first Solar companies to become a main stream solar supplier for the RV Industry. Go Power Solar is certainly the industry leader making them the King of the Solar Category! Mark has been with Go Power for about 21 years and is one of their resident experts and he knows their products inside and out. Not only does he understand Go Power products he has an unbelievable knowledge of solar in general. Mark also likes to RV and that certainly gives him and Go Power much deeper insight into the needs of the RV'er be it full time or a weekend warrior. As most of you know I push the products I believe in and I have been sold on Go Power for about 21 years. Rather than trying to pack everything into one episode I am splitting this into 2 episodes and of course you can go to Go Powers website to do your own research beyond what we discussed. The following are the main points discussed in Episode 53 (part 2). These 2 episodes (52 &amp; 53) take the confusion out of Solar and how you can benefit by using it. What do I do if I have a technical problem? How do I trouble shoot a problem? How do I calculate how many panels I need? What kind of batteries would work for solar? Is lithium better than AGM/Lead Acid? If so, why/why not? What kind of maintenance is needed for my solar system and batteries Where can I buy Go Power! products? @ Arizona RV Parts Center Is there somewhere I can learn more about solar on my own? (Click Here for Go Power Solar's Website&nbsp;)&nbsp;or Call Them @ 1-866-247-6527 - They are a very friendly company that can help answer your questions. To Purchase Go Power Solar with Free Shipping Check Out (Arizona RV Parts Center!) The post (Go Power Solar Panels &amp; Inverters Part 2) appeared first on (Radio Arizona RV). <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • Go Power Solar Panels & Inverters Part 1

    GO Power Solar Interview Part 1 ( ) Episode 52 (part 1) is all About Go Power Solar and as an added bonus Mark Spillsbury from Go Power Solar is my guest. Go Power Solar has been in the RV Solar Panel game for about 23 years making Go Power one of the first Solar companies to become a main stream solar supplier for the RV Industry. Go Power Solar is certainly the industry leader making them the King of the Solar Category! Mark has been with Go Power for about 21 years and is one of their resident experts and he knows their products inside and out. Not only does he understand Go Power products he has an unbelievable knowledge of solar in general. Mark also likes to RV and that certainly gives him and Go Power much deeper insight into the needs of the RV'er be it full time or a weekend warrior. As most of you know I push the products I believe in and I have been sold on Go Power for about 21 years. Rather than trying to pack everything into one episode I am splitting this into 2 episodes and of course you can go to Go Powers website to do your own research beyond what we discussed. The following are the main points discussed in Episode 52 (part 1). These 2 episodes (52 &amp; 53) take the confusion out of Solar and how you can benefit by using it. Can Solar run my RV? Will Solar power my inverter? Will Solar replace my generator? Is installing Solar something I could do myself versus taking my RV to a shop? Will I have to put holes in my roof? What makes Go Power better than the other brands? What is Go Power’s warranty? (Click Here for Go Power Solar's Website&nbsp;)&nbsp;or Call Them @ 1-866-247-6527 - They are a very friendly company that can help answer your questions. To Purchase Go Power Solar with Free Shipping Check Out (Arizona RV Parts Center!) The post (Go Power Solar Panels &amp; Inverters Part 1) appeared first on (Radio Arizona RV). <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • How to Get Your RV Ready for Winter Storage

    Follow These Steps to Get Your RV Reay For Winter Storage In Episode 51 I go over the essential maintenance steps that every RV'er needs to do to get ready for Winter if they live where it snows and or freezes. Even if you don't need to do an official winterizing project for the winter season this is still a good time check for leaks and potential problems. Fresh Water: The starting point could be with the fresh water system and making sure it is drained of water. You will want to make sure to include the Water Heater and Fresh Water Tank(s).&nbsp;Some RV'ers prefer to blow the water out of the lines with a simple tool that screws into the city water hookup that uses compressed air to clear the line of water. This works very good and is inexpensive to do. Compressed air, a little bit of your time and a 5 dollar blow out plug! The other way to winterize the fresh water system uses RV Antifreeze that you run through the Fresh water system. RV Antifreeze won't freeze (read label for freeze points) and it is a food grade product so it is 100% safe to use in the RV Fresh Water System. Either way works very good. Some RV'ers take no chances at all and do both. They blow out the water lines and then add RV Antifreeze just to make sure. Keep in mind that toilets and ice makers have water valves that can freeze and making sure they are prepped is a must. Holding Tanks: Make sure to drain the holding tanks as well. This should be done after every use but sometimes we forget or put it off for various reasons. Make sure the sewer hose is drained and clear of water as well. A sewer hose would almost always be dry but, you never know? RV Covers: Many RV'ers prefer to cover their RV for Winter Storage and this is a good idea because it adds a layer of protection against the problems that come from exposure to moisture. I have even heard of some putting a tarp on the roof before the cover goes on and this can really add another layer of protection. As we know water finds it way into the RV through the tiniest cracks and crevices. In some areas and conditions you can't do too much! On the Roof:&nbsp;Climb up on the roof and look over the entire roof. Keep in mind the roof is what protects everything underneath it. Check all of the seams, stanchions, vent bases, antenna bases, plumbing vents, solar panel mounts and anything else that is mounted to the roof. In most cases if there needs to be any resealing you can use (Dicor Lap) Sealant for these repairs. Check the vent lids to make sure they are not brittle and ready to fall apart or have already fallen apart. To replace your vent lids you will need to know which hinge the lid has on it to get a replacement. For the record, the common vent that is called a 14 x 14 all have lids that are almost identical in size, the hinge is what determines which lid you need. Do the same with the (Escape Hatch) if the lid needs to be replaced except with escape hatches the lid dimensions help in determining which lid will fit. I highly recommend adding Vent Covers made by (Maxxair) or (Camco) to help keep the 14" vents covered and protected from the elements. Not only do they extend the life of the lids they will also allow you to leave the vent lid open without the fear of rain or other things such as dirt/dust from easily entering into the RV. I have Maxxair covers on my RV and I have never worried about the lids being open anytime of the year. I also recommend that you use vent stuffers as well. The add some thermal protection for the RV in hot or cold conditions. The are probably more valuable in the summer time. Thoroughly check the entire roof and everything on it for potential leaks and repair as needed. Only use products for the roof that are made for RV roofs. Sometimes... <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓ Making Good Purchases and Not Throwing Away Cash!

    Episode 50 was produced out of frustration that companies make products that in my opinion are a dis-service to the RV Community and a frustration to the end user or the RV'er. As I said this is my opinion! The subject matter for today's episode is a RV Awning Fabric that I will call Brand X, I choose not to call the company out in this episode. The pictures say a mouthful about the fabric. I will only recommend 3 brands that I feel meet the standards that make a good fabric. Solera by Lippert, A&amp;E by Dometic, Carefree of Colorado. These 3 stand far above Brand X when it comes to quality and ease of installation with accurate instructions. I have never seen instructions such as Brand X, they sabotage an A&amp;E installation for sure. I have installed 1000's of RV Awning Fabrics and have never seen a fabric like this! The point of the episode is not just about RV Awning Fabrics and making good purchases, it is a principle that can be applied to anything you purchase for your RV or anything in general. Do your research and don't purchase by price, make your purchases based on quality and price. Sometimes a better product is not always the highest price! But sometimes the cheapest price is the lowest quality! Listen to Episode 50 to learn more about a poor quality fabric and how to make great purchase decisions. (To Learn More About the RV Awning Fabrics we Recommend Click Here!) The post (↓ Making Good Purchases and Not Throwing Away Cash!) appeared first on (Radio Arizona RV). <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • Buying a Used RV – Avoid the Pitfalls

    Purchasing a used RV, Travel Trailer or 5th&nbsp;Wheel etc…In episode 49 I explain why it is so important to thoroughly check out an RV before purchasing regardless of how good the deal might seam to be. There are many things to check out – there are companies that provide this service -They might be pricey. I am bringing this up because I hear of so many RV’ers buying used RV's and they miss so many problems that cost extra money and sometimes even sour the entire purchase. Dry rot, torn awning fabrics, broken steps, bad wiring etc… You may need to segment the RV purchase inspection into 4 main categories. You also need to be a detective and find the problems before you shell out your hard-earned cash. When you’re done with your inspection every square inch of the RV should have been inspected and be in your head. The 4 Segments or Sections: 1) The Roof - Inspect every item on the roof including seams, vents, the roof it self etc... 2) The underside - This would include all of the chassis components, holding tanks, plumbing, electrical, the underside of the floor, frame etc...&nbsp;With a Motorhome you might want to have the chassis inspected by a professional only after you have you have inspected everything else and it meets your expectations. Why, because the inspection will cost money 3) The 4 exterior side walls, 2 sides and the front and rear - Check all of the lights for operation, paint, decals, exterior finish, screw cover, check trim and windows for leaks, awnings, compartment doors, hatches, locks &amp; Keys etc... 4) The interior - It might be easier to segment the interior by rooms. Check that the stove, microwave, AC, furnace &amp; water heater are operational. Check lights, converter, all plumbing and related items etc... If you categorize it the inspection it might not seem so daunting. Many people just eyeball everything and take the word of the seller that everything is okay. Some sellers might really not know about a problem where as, some might be trying to hide it. Bring a note pad, have someone take notes if possible. Take pictures of visible problems to review later on and possibly get quotes to repair. Don’t be in hurry to by any RV no matter how good the deal is, there is always another deal. Older RV’s lets say 1995 and older might be pristine but, sometimes they will fall apart when you start to use everything. I am not saying to ignore them, just consider there might still be an extra expense. If the RV is super clean that could indicate someone took very good care of it. A few extra minor expenses might be worth it. The lesson here is to take your time and thoroughly check every thing that you possibly can before making the purchase. You might be surprised what you find and how much it costs. &nbsp; If your hands are clean, you’re not having fun…….. The post (Buying a Used RV – Avoid the Pitfalls) appeared first on (Radio Arizona RV). <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • Leveling Trailers and Fifth Wheels ( ) ( )Hopkins Levelers ( ) ( )Hopkins Level System ( ) ( )Valterra Stackers ( ) ( )Valterra Stabilizer Pads ( ) ( )Super Dolly RV Pads In Episode 48 I dig into stabilizing pads for Trailers and Fifth Wheels and the difference between Plastic and Wood Pads for placing underneath the stabilizer legs. I don't get into Motorhome leveling systems or the type pads they would use. I believe in using plastic leveling pads instead of wood. Plastic is clean and splinter free. Plastic is easier to clean and usually is lighter in weight and sometimes just easier to maintain and handle. It might seem that plastic will be more expensive and it could be but, wood is not very cheap these days and you will probably be cutting and carrying more than you actually need. I think you should Buy Plastic pads and be done with it! When leveling a trailer you always want to use pads or blocks that are wider than the tires, otherwise the tire could be damaged. Trailer tires are fragile in some ways and an excess of tire hanging over the edge of a pad or block is not what the tire was designed to do. The brands I recommend are Hopkins, Valterra, Super Dolly and Camco. Each brand does it a little bit different. You might to do a little shopping at your local RV Store and decide which pads or system will work best for you. Listen Now to get all of the details. The post (Leveling Trailers and Fifth Wheels) appeared first on (Radio Arizona RV). <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • Stabilizing for 5th Wheels and Travel Trailers

    Today in Episode 47 I get into the basic leveling for 5th Wheel Trailers and Travel Trailers. Most trailers come with&nbsp;4 stabilizers, one in each corner of the trailer. Fifth Wheels will usually have a stabilizer in each rear corner and the landing gear in the front of the trailer. The stabilizers are for stabilizing the trailer prior to leveling it. They are not designed for lifting the trailer, they capable of holding the weight of the trailer. I get into the finer details of stabilizers, such as, the different types and how they can and should be used. In episode 48 I go into the details of Leveling a trailer without automatic leveling systems. There is nothing real tricky in doing this, it just more common sense and understanding how stabilizers work and what they are meant for. It is also a good practice to use stabilizer pads under the foot of the stabilizer so the foot doesn't sink into the ground. The pads also help keep the trailer level because the feet of the stabilizers are not shifting in the soil. Listen Now to the Entire Episode! The post (Stabilizing for 5th Wheels and Travel Trailers) appeared first on (Radio Arizona RV). <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 46- Untangling the Sewer Hose Confusion ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) Untangling the Confusion about RV Sewer HosesIn Episode 46 I try to untangle some of the confusion when replacing your RV Sewer Hose. The reason why the title of the podcast uses the word Untangle is due to the confusion that can happen when you go into an RV Parts Store. As you gaze in amazement down aisle with 2-5 different brands of sewer hoses.&nbsp;It can look a little overwhelming trying to determine what does what and how do you get there from here. While trying not to throw your money away. What Matters:At the end of the day, most RV Sewer Hoses connect the same way on all RV's (Trailers etc...) and the same is true for most campgrounds. On most RV's the fittings twist on at the sewer valve. In the majority of campground the fittings screw in or the fitting is designed to slip into the fitting in the ground. This is true the majority of the time although, there a few exceptions. One exception would be an older park with obscure ground fittings. The other would be the RV sewer hose connection has been modified to something out of the norm. Where is the confusion then? ConfusionThe confusion lies at the RV Parts Store. This is no fault of the store nor of the sewer hose manufacturers. It is because the store is stocking more than one brand and style of sewer hose. The key is to focus on one brand and determine the different types of sewer hoses that are offered. For example, Valterra is a brand that makes sewer hoses and they have several models of sewer hoses to choose from. They have Viper, Silverback, Dominator and Ez Coupler. All of these are sewer hose kits that essentially do the same thing. What's the DifferenceThe main difference is the thickness of the hose and if the hose has protective rings to help keep the hose from becoming damaged if it is drug on rough surfaces. Typically, you aren't going to mix and match sewer hoses, that would defeat the point of buying a quality hose. If you choose Valterra as the brand, then you would want to choose one of their models. Valterra is my brand of choice! RV Stores:Each store will probably stock more of the brand they prefer and that might make your decision easier. Buy what they recommend if it makes sense. The major Brands are Valterra, Camco, Thetford, Prest O Fit and Duraflex. Prest O Fit was probably the first to provide sewer hose kits that made sense. All of them make good products and in some cases are very similar in quality. It can be a lot easier to make the purchase in an RV Store because you can touch and feel the hoses and get some expert advice. Also, if you need a special fitting to get your connections completed it might be easier to find it in an RV Store. Episode 46 goes into greater detail on each brand and how to make a better decision when purchasing a sewer hose kit. Listen to the Entire Episode Now! (Valterra Sewer Hoses) (Prest O Fit Sewer Hoses) (Camco Sewer Hoses) (Thetford Sewer Hoses) The post (↓Episode 46- Untangling the Sewer Hose Confusion) appeared first on (Radio Arizona RV). <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 45 – The What and How to Maintain Your Black Water Tank

    RV Black Water Holding Tank Maintenance↓ When it comes to maintaining your RV Black Water Holding Tank there are many opinions out there.&nbsp;In Episode 45 I give a little history lesson on Holding Tank Chemicals and the how they have evolved and made their way onto the shelves of an RV Store near you. More importantly though, is which Holding Tank Chemical (Product) should you choose and what you should expect. One point I need to clarify before I start to ramble on. I go back and forth using the words Chemical and Product because in today's world not everything that we put in our Holding Tanks can be called a chemical. Many products are not chemical based products! They can be considered safe for the environment. Some products are more safe than others and that is part of the debate when it comes time to empty the Black Water Tank. When Choosing a Holding Tank Product there are 4 objectives that you should try to accomplish. All 4 objectives should be considered equally as important when that wonderful time comes to empty it! 1) The Toilet Paper Should be broken down. 2) The Solids should be broken down. 3) The Sensors should be clean and working. 4) The tank itself should be clean with little or no residual buildup. Toilet Paper:Not all Toilet Papers break down or liquefy while soaking in a bath of human waste or if just soaking in water. All though in the past we sold a Toilet Paper that was so cheap we could sell 6 rolls for a buck! It was also biodegradable and did work fine in RV Holding Tanks. My Dad's sales pitch was really simple when someone asked if you could use it in a RV? He would reply "It works so good it melts in your hands". I just said "what do you expect for a buck". During the winter season we would sell 500 rolls a day, it was quite the lead to get people in the store. Back to reality now! Even though RV Toilet is a little spendy it is the paper that you really want use in your tank, it does break down easier than residential Toilet Paper. When you couple RV Toilet Paper with a holding tank product designed to break down waste you can't go wrong. Solids:The solids can either be preserved or broken down depending on the Chemical/Product that you use. Thetford AquaKem Blue is Formaldehyde based product and works great to mask odors. It is not effective in breaking down the solids or toilet paper in the time needed in an RV Holding Tank. A Bacterial Enzyme product such as Pure Power Blue is the ideal product to use to break down solids and the toilet paper in very short amount of time. I need to confess that I used to be the President of OP Products, the manufacturer of Pure Power Green and Blue. With that said I very familiar with and tested most of the products on the market and I am pro Pure Power because it really works. My brothers and I launched Pure Power at a time when it was almost impossible to get a new Holding Tank Product into a store let alone into the distribution channels. We broke through not because of our spectacular sales pitches, it was the quality of Pure Power and it worked as we said and at that time there was no other product like it. If you find a similar product and it works, by all means continue to use it. I am just using Pure Power as an example of a product that I know first hand that it works. Sensors:The Sensors for the Holding Tank Gauges can be a real pain when they aren't working properly. Quite often they are not accurate due to Waste and or Toilet Paper hung up on the them. When you use a product designed to break down the waste and liquefy toilet paper it will naturally clean the sensors. If you use such a product you should have well functioning sensors most of the time. I want to emphasize "most of the time", these are not sensors that are used on the space shuttle. These are made by the RV Industry and bless their hearts for trying to get it right. Pure Power is the product that I recommend for on going Sensor Maintenance. If you experience <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 44 – RV Deep Cycle Battery Storage ()↓There can be a fair amount of confusion&nbsp;about the best way to store an RV Battery during&nbsp;the off season. In this episode I break it down to simplify the process and make some nice product recommendations along the way. In most scenarios the RV’er is storing his battery during the cold winter months and typically not during the hot summer months. The methods can adapted to either situation, hot or cold. The summer heat can damage a battery as much as poorly stored battery during the cold months. ↓The bottom line is to keep the battery case and posts clean&nbsp;and keeping the battery properly charged during the storage process . If your battery is going to be stored in the RV during the winter months you will want to make sure that it has a full charge and this will prevent it from freezing. Some have said that an RV Battery will freeze if left in the RV during storage and that is not true unless&nbsp;the temperature&nbsp;drops&nbsp;way below Zero. ↓If you decide to store the battery in the RV, make sure the battery is disconnected from any electrical source that good drain the battery during storage. It might just be best to physically disconnect the battery cables altogether. If you are unsure of how to hook the battery cables up later then you could take a picture or draw a diagram. It is important that battery gets hooked up the same way it was connected was, assuming it was correct to begin with. ↓I would opt to store the battery in a garage or some place that has power to run a Trickle Charger. The stored battery should be fully charged prior to storage and then the charge should be maintain during the storage period. Today there are plenty of Hi Tech battery chargers available and I recommend to purchase a battery charger that will go into float mode after the battery is charged. If your charger has this capability your can leave it hooked up to the battery and plugged in for the off season with no harm being caused to the battery. ↓It is best to store the RV Battery away from any source away from sparks or open flames. Although today’s batteries can be stored on a concrete floor it is best to store it on a piece of wood, work bench or similar. Make sure the surface is protected if it is a nice surface you care about. It is pretty simple to store a battery for the off season. I recommend Battery Tender and Noco battery chargers to maintain&nbsp;All of your&nbsp;Batteries. (Click here for more information about both brands and to purchase from Amazon.) Bonus Content: The below content was briefly explained in the podcast. You can consider this some bonus content if you are thinking about changing to a different battery type. Gel Cell vs. AGM (glass mat) batteries.&nbsp; What Is A Gel Battery? Before you can determine&nbsp;the pros and cons of a gel battery and how they will affect you, it’s important to understand what exactly a gel battery is.&nbsp;A gel battery is very similar to a traditional lead-acid battery with the addition of silica to the electrolyte to create the gel like substance. This thickening of the electrolyte means that gel batteries can be installed in a variety of positions and don’t emit as many fumes. Pro Tip:&nbsp;This allows for gel batteries to be used in applications where ventilation is limited. How Does It Work? A gel battery (often referred to as a gel cell battery) is a&nbsp;lead-acid battery&nbsp;that is&nbsp;valve regulated. When the electrolyte is mixed with sulphuric acid and silica, it becomes a relatively stationary gel substance. This gel mixture allows the battery to utilize the acid and electrolyte in the same way it would with a traditional lead-acid battery, just without the added maintenance. The Pros: Maintenance Free:&nbsp;Because the batteries are comprised of gel instead of liquid, there is... <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 43 – Adco and Classic RV Storage Covers ()In Episode 43 I break down purchasing either an Adco or Classic RV Cover for storing your RV, Travel Trailer or Fifth Wheel in challenging climates. I am only going to spend time talking about Adco and Classic RV covers because they are mainly in the RV Cover business and have great reputations. I have sold other covers and at the end of the day I always default back to Adco and Classic. After being in Arizona for many years I came to the conclusion an RV Cover whether it is for a travel trailer or motorhome will quite often only last for one summer due to the constant heavy winds. The wind, not the sun, tears them apart before the summer&nbsp;is&nbsp;over. Even if all of the edges and corners of the RV were protected the covers just did not last. I finally stopped selling them. That is, I gave a strong warning about how long they would last and for the most part talked the RV owner out of buying a cover that would probably only last one summer. If you are thinking that there are other brands of RV Covers you are right and I do explain that point and add an explanation why I am focusing on just Adco and Classic RV Covers. Besides being in the cover business they are the 2 brands that have been sold predominantly in most RV parts and accessory stores for decades. They are very well known!&nbsp;I have sold other brands and stopped selling them because of the tremendous amount of problems our customers experienced and the headaches that came along with so called “Problem Free Warranties”. I talked with Adco and they were very helpful in answering questions about their products. Adco recommends the All Climate Wind Series with Tyvek as the go to cover. They recommended it for all climates excluding windy areas. For windy ares, specifically Arizona they recommended a custom cover made&nbsp;of Sunbrella fabric. They are custom made for your RV and can get a little pricey compared to their other covers. I did not spend much time talking about the custom covers. Adco offers a 2 year warranty on the All Climate Wind Series with Tyvek covers. The two year warranty is a decent warranty as long the cover does not tear in that time. The two year warranty offers a one time cover replacement and free patch kits to repair any tears provided that they are repairable by the RV owner. Adco &amp; Classic both emphasized the importance of measuring correctly and buying the right cover at the outset. To measure properly you should include ladders, bumpers, spare tire covers, etc… Do not go by the size the dealer told you when you bought the RV, get some exercise and do the measuring yourself. Your size options will be broke down to size ranges. Your RV will fall into a size range that could have some extra length to or fit a little snug. The covers are adjustable to take up some of the extra material if it is a little large. ()Classic RV Covers are very proud of their PermaPRO Deluxe RV Covers and it sounds like they should be. They too clam that it is ideal for all climates other than windy ares such as Arizona. They offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty and they deal directly with you about any warranty issues that may occur. They will replace the cover if needed and they also offer patch kits for minor tears. Classic boasts about their warranty and the customer service experience as being the best and I would say that they are excited about their product and warranty. Classic also offers the new SkyShield Plus RV cover with a Tyvek roof section similiar to Adco’s All Climate Wind Series with Tyvek except the 4 year warranty period is twice as longer with the Classic SkyShield Plus. Classic speaks very highly off the rip stop material used in their covers and reassures that small tears stay small if taken care of in a timely manner. I personally will stick with these 2 brands because they... <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 42 – How to Choose an RV Power Converter ()In Episode 42 I discuss the 4 Major Brands of RV&nbsp;Power Converters that are commonly found in most RV’s providing power to the RV’s 12 volt system. This an interesting topic due to the similariteis of each power converter. Also, all 4 brands boast great products, excellent customer service and a very small defective/return rate. I have neglected to mention the 4 brands by name; (Progressive Dynamics) (PD), (WFCO) (woofco), (Iota) and (Parallax). They are&nbsp;not named in order other than this is how I listed them for this article. I certainly gained an equal amount of respect for each brand&nbsp;and walked away knowing each one has a place in the RV Industry. I am asked questions almost daily about RV Power Converters and which one should be used to replace one that has bitten the dust. I have to say I almost always recommend a Progressive Dynamics converter because I keep them in stock at all times. That might sound like that is my “go to converter” because of quality! That is not necessarily the case, I love their Retail Packaging! I do see more Progressive Dynamics Converters than any other brand for what that is worth. There could be a few reasons that make that happen. I spoke to technicians at each company and asked questions about the life of the product and what makes theirs the best. By the way, each company thinks there converter is the best. Another interesting and well appreciated point is that there was no bashing of the competition and that in itself speaks volumes about the employees and their perspective companies. In the episode I get into greater detail about each brand such as, Iota’s are repairable in some cases. Although that is not always the case it is a possibility. It might not be worth the expense and the time spent without a power converter. WFCO is very proud to boast that they have a strong presence on the assembly line floor at many factories where RV’s are made. This is worthy of mention because they are there to make sure their converters are installed properly and with the proper amp rating to take care of the job. They truly believe in making the customers experience the best it can be. That makes itself evident with the technical and diagnostic information available on their website. Parallax has been around along time and they certainly have built some really good products over the years and their RV Power Centers/Converters certainly have stood the test of time. Power Centers are visible in the RV and contain the circuit breakers and fuse panel above what is called the “Lower Section” of the power center. The lower section is the converter and Parallax has built a quality product and it has been a preferred power center by the RV Manufacturers. All in all I have to say that each brand has put their unique spin on options and cleverly giving the options a unique name to drawing the RV’er into purchasing their Power Converter. Do they all do the same thing? For the most part yes! They just do it a little different. Below you will find links that will give you descriptions of each product so you can compare the differences. In most situations if you need to replace your converter you could replace it with same model and not have to worry about a thing. They are all good! Listen to the Full Episode Now! Here is the Short List of the more popular Models: Progressive Dynamics: PD9100 Series:&nbsp;30 Amp, 40 Amp, 45 Amp, 60 Amp, 78 Amp &amp; 80 Amp PD9200 Series: 45 Amp, 60 Amp, 70 Amp &amp; 80 Amp Iota Power Converters: DLS Series:&nbsp;15 Amp, 30 Amp, 45 Amp, 75 Amp &amp; 90 Amp DLS-X Series:&nbsp;15 Amp, 30 Amp, 45 Amp, 75 Amp &amp; 90 Amp WFCO Power Converters: WF- 9800 Series:&nbsp;35 Amp, 45 Amp, 55 Amp, 65 Amp, 75 Amp Parallax Power Converters: 5300... <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 41 – Everyday Minor Repairs that can Ruin A Trip

    Episode 41 &#8211; This episode is about simple repairs that can keep your vacation on track. I recap some of the recent conversations I have had with customers about certain maintenance items that can ruin a trip if not taken care of.  We are in fire season in many parts of the country and rather than be surprised by smoke and fire plan ahead but, do not cancel your trip, just go elsewhere. I once again urge everyone to get organized when it comes to parts and items that need to be replaced on the RV. There are several apps that work with PC&#8217;s, Mac&#8217;s and portable devices. The post (↓Episode 41 &#8211; Everyday Minor Repairs that can Ruin A Trip) appeared first on (Radio Arizona RV). <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 40 – The Move to Montana and Some Lessons Learned

    Episode 40 &#8211; I cover some ground on the move to Montana and explain why I bought so many new tires for the move. My Toy Hauler tires just made it to the tire shop 10 miles from my house. The Utility trailer tires didn&#8217;t make it out of driveway. There were lot of things happening during the move  and I wanted make sure I had little or no problems on the highway with any of our trailers and vehicles. My focus was going 1200 miles without a break down. And we did make to Victor without any major issues. That really is not a surprise considering I do maintain my vehicles. I also had to make a 22&#8243; escape hatch lid out of scrap aluminum before we hit the road due to mine (Ventline) no longer being available. I preferred not to replace the entire escape hatch so I wouldn&#8217;t ruin the seal on the roof.  It worked just fine without any leaks on the road and in the heavy rains after we arrived. There are a lot of concerns that might run through your mind while you are traveling and I certainly had mine. Although I thought about many things that could go wrong I already had my mind made up that I would push through whatever came up. Listen to Episode 40 Now! () () &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; The post (↓Episode 40 &#8211; The Move to Montana and Some Lessons Learned) appeared first on (Radio Arizona RV). <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 39 – RV Surge Protection and UV-LED Water Filtration ()Episode 39 covers RV UV-LED Water Filtration&nbsp;as the newest technology to provide Clean Pure Drinking Water&nbsp;in any RV at a an affordable price. We sell the (Acuva)&nbsp;brand RV LED Water Filter System. This system completely remove all of the nasty things in water that other systems can’t remove. Call us for prices. Surge Protection is the other topic I covered in this Episode and how important they can be to protect the RV’s electronics and appliances that use 110 volt. Surge Guard and Progressive Dynamics are the 2 brands I recommend because it is the brand I have grown to trust and sell problem free. I also explain some of the awesome changes coming to our new location in Victor Montana. The changes are going to be awesome and provide a completely different customer experience not found in the RV Industry. Listen Now! The post (↓Episode 39 – RV Surge Protection and UV-LED Water Filtration) appeared first on (Radio Arizona RV). <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 38 – Move Update and RV Prep for Summer ()In Episode 38 I do a brief update on our move to Victor, MT and spend most of the show talking about prepping for summer and some of the important basics that go along with vacation prep. Everybody has their own routines that match their RV and that usually works so, I just give some reminders and spend some time on sealing the roof because in most parts of the country it rains almost regularly in the summer. I also touch on trailer tires and suspension and the importance of quality brake controllers. And as always I push the&nbsp;DIY aspect of owning an RV and the importance of maintaining your RV and especially having the confidence to do it yourself! Listen Now! The post (↓Episode 38 – Move Update and RV Prep for Summer) appeared first on (Radio Arizona RV). <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 37 – Big Announcement, We’re Relocating ()We are moving to Victor Montana! Yes, that is correct, we are relocating to Victor Montana in the middle of May 2018. Due to family illness Karen and I have decided the best thing to do is move to Montana so she can be closer to her mom in the the last months of her life. We also decided that we would relocate Arizona RV Parts, our brick and mortar store as well. We still need to work and are able so why not move it all and be there for her mom and and enjoy some beautiful surroundings. This is a planned a move and now that we are sure of it, we will be very public and let all of our customers know to the best of our ability. Let me emphasize, we are relocating, not going out of business nor are we leaving Wellton, AZ because of shady business practices. I suggest listening to the Podcast and hear all of the details for yourself. Below are links to the website branding our new name, Highway 93 RV. The podcast will carry on under the same name, Radio Arizona RV &#8211; The RV Maintenance and Education Show for the DIY&#8217;er. Listen Now! () Highway 93 RV Parts &amp; Accessories 1345 Hwy 93 North Suite2 Victor, MT 59875 800-789-5588 ( &nbsp; The post (↓Episode 37 &#8211; Big Announcement, We&#8217;re Relocating) appeared first on (Radio Arizona RV). <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 36 – Exterior Sealant for an RV ()In this episode I cover the essentials of what type of sealants to use on your RV. I briefly cover what is needed for a Rubber Roof because I have done a previous on sealing a rubber roof and the Sealants I recommend are made by Dicor, they specialize in rubber roofs. I also am a fan of Dicor products for maintaining and repairing rubber roofs.  In this episode I use a window as an example of how to seal just about anything on the side of your RV although, the principle holds true for the roof as well. A window typically uses the same process and sealants that compartment door would use as well as an entrance door. The main thing to do in any application is clean the surfaces thoroughly and use Butyl tape to as the main seal and a sealant such as Proflex to seal the top of the window or whatever it is that you are resealing. I also explain the differences in Butyl  Tape and Putty Tape and why you should use Butyl Tape in almost all reseal jobs. There are four main brands of sealants that are widely used across the RV Industry by consumers and manufacturers alike. It brand has it&#8217;s different products for the variety of applications that might be found on an RV.  You can also check with the RV manufacturer for their recommendations. The 4 brands that I recommend are listed below and there is also a link to Arizona RV Parts Center for more information and part numbers. • Hengs formerly know as Elixer • GeoCell • Dyco &#8211; Not Dicor • Sika also known as Sika Flex (For more information use this link!) &nbsp; The post (↓Episode 36 &#8211; Exterior Sealant for an RV) appeared first on (Radio Arizona RV). <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 35 – The RV Tool Box Essentials ()&nbsp;Not sure of what tools you should carry in your RV Tool Box? As an RV’er you never know when your RV is going to need a repair whether it is on the road or camping at your favorite get away. The one thing you do know is that you will experience problems that will require repairs. The other unknown is if it will happen when it is convenient with your local repair shop open for business or will it be on a weekend or at night when everybody is closed up tight? It will happen if it already hasn’t, breakdowns are part of the RV Experience. In reality though, don’t cars and boats need repairs? What about ATV’s and personal water crafts? My point is everything fails and for some reason when an RV has a problem it is classified as an absolute inconvenience, when it is just part of the experience.&nbsp;Episode 35 covers this topic and I share with you my thoughts on what tools would be worth carrying and why. I also cover some items that are very handy to have on hand to get your problem solved when the stores are closed or late at night. Being prepared is worth its weight in gold. I know this from experience and a lifetime of Not having to call someone to do something I could do and did do myself. I will provide a list of tools and items I believe that should be part of the RV Tool Box and it can be found below and I will add &amp; subtract as needed. Not all items or tools will work in every RV Tool Box! Open the box and listen now to the Entire Episode! The RV Tool Box Contents! Hand Tools: • Socket Set Metric &amp; American • Wrench sets Metric &amp; American • Screw Drivers – Phillips and Flat Head • 6 In 1 Type of Screw Driver with Torx Bits and a #1 &amp; #2 Square Tip Bits • Bit Driver for a Cordless Drill – with assortment of Bits: Square tip, Phillips, Sockets etc… • Magnet Drive Guide – Usually Included in multi piece drive bit sets • Channel Lock Style Pliers, Regular Pliers • Wire Cutter, Wire Stripper and Wire Crimper • Allen Wrench set • Ball Peen hammers – Medium and Small • Tools to Change Tire – Don’t assume your RV came with everything needed, sometimes they don’t. • Volt Meter (110v &amp; 12v) • 12 Volt Test Light • Cordless Drill &amp; Drill Bits • Pex Tubing Cutter • P&amp;T Relief Valve Tool • Hack Saw – Spare Blades • Tire Gauge that works with your tire pressure Systems: • Pex Tubing 2 -3 feet of 3/8 &amp; ½ inch • Flair It Fittings for Pex Tubing – Couplers for 1/2” &amp; 3/8” female pipe thread, Couplers for female pipe thread to Pex tubing, Shut Off Valve, Pex • • Fitting with cap to close off line. • Fuses – Check your RV styles. Mini, Maxi, ATO/ATC, Micro etc… • Wire Ties • Electrical Tape • 14 &amp; 16 Gauge Wire • Wire Connectors • Battery Terminal Cleaner or a Wire Brush • Duct Tape • Teflon Tape for water systems • Gas/Propane Tape for LP fittings • Spray 100% Silicone • Spray Lubricant • Assortment of screws, nuts and bolts for your RV • Hose Clamps • Rags &amp; Paper Towels Road Side Emergencies: • Flairs and or LED type flairs • Cones or Reflective Triangles • Fire Extinguisher • LED Flash Light • Rechargeable LED Flashlight • Spare Batteries • High Quality Jumper Cables • Ground Cloth • Spare Tire Some retailers recommend small portable air compressors to inflate your tires if they are low. Most of these inexpensive compressors won’t be able to bring RV tires up to the proper pressure. Most inexpensive tire compressors are junk! And quite often not worth the money. The best solution is to check out (Power Tanks!)&nbsp;Power tanks offers C02 Systems that are awesome! I have 2 of them for my vehicles. Other Stuff: • Rope • Bungee Cords • Work Gloves • Scissors • Shovel • Pocket Knife • 7’ Aluminum Ladder Awning Emergencies – While Driving • Box Cutter to Remove Fabric if needed • Velcro... <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 34 – Solera RV Awnings by Lippert Components ()Episode 34&nbsp;is about Solera RV Awnings by Lippert Components and the quality that has made Solera my new favorite RV Awning. In the past I expressed a low opinion of Lippert Components and now I changed my view point as time has passed. Not only have they become a better company, they are providing a great line of RV Awnings. The Solera brand has proven to be a Rock Star for my customers and our new go to awning. I go into the 3 Solera products that we have sold the most of this winter season in Arizona. The 18 Volt Universal Awning Arm Sets and the Universal Fabrics are two awesome products but, I have to say the Sliders or more commonly known as Slide Out Awnings are the best Slide Out Awnings we have ever installed. They are very similar to the Old Style A&amp;E Slide Toppers except, they have been improved upon not only in style and appearance but also the performance is like none other. Listen Now to the Entire Episode! (For More Information Click Here!) (iTunes);isi=691797987&amp;ius=googleplaymusic&amp;;link= (Google Play)Share (Leave a Review)Clammr ItListen in a New Window (Download) (SoundCloud);refid=stpr (Stitcher) (Subscribe on Android) (Subscribe via RSS)Download Free eBookAnother Call to ActionOne More Call to Action The post (↓Episode 34 – Solera RV Awnings by Lippert Components) appeared first on (Radio Arizona RV). <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 33 – The Ford V10 Spark Plug Project ()Ford V10 Engine Rebuild Due to Spark Plugs Blowing Out! In this episode I explain the Spark Plug problem that Ford V10 Engines experience and how a spark plug problem turned into an engine rebuild on a Ford E350 Super Duty Van. I explain the overall process I went through and why I did it. I could have possibly just spent 800 bucks and maybe got by with a Time Sert/Helicloi type of fix but, I chose to go deeper because of the mileage (235,000) and at the bare minimum have the heads rebuilt and all of the spark plug holes repaired. The engine was going to have to come out no matter which way I decided to proceed and it was not nearly as difficult as the internet will make you believe. Some shops automatically remove the entire body to get to the engine. This makes no sense! After removing the engine I decided to scrap getting the heads rebuilt after calling around Yuma and not really getting the answers I wanted to be comfortable with any of the shops rebuilding the heads. I then decided I would buy and engine online and soon realized that might not be the best plan if I wanted to keep the van and get another 200,000 miles out of it. The online reviews were not very good for any of the engine builders and the process was somewhat of a chore and they did not replace all of the parts that should be replaced. My engine was not blown nor neglected and I decided I would prefer to get my own engine back and not some beat up engine that blew up due to neglect. That is when I starting calling around Phoenix and eventually chose to go with (RnR Engines) and was very glad I did. The podcast describes all of the above in more detail and how much I appreciated the work (RnR Engine)s did and they will always be my go to guys for any major engine work I need done. Keep in mind that I live 2 hours away form them, that should say something about them. Listen to the entire Episode Now! The following are pictures of the project in the order as the project progressed. () () () () &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; () () () &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; () () () () () () () &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; () &nbsp; &nbsp; () &nbsp; () &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; () &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; () () The post... <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 32 – Plugable Technologies for the RV ()Episode 32 explores the possibilities of using new technology to make computing in an RV easier while expanding potential possibilities. See the simple way to add a second monitor to any PC or Mac. The living space in an RV can become a little tight at times and being able to use a Compact Wireless Keyboard with iPads and Android Devices can be extremely helpful. Many RV’ers find that just recharging all of the devices can be a chore, the Plugable Power Adapter/Charger cleans up the charging cables and simplifies the charging process. Plugable provides computing adapters of all types and styles to make life easier and using technology more enjoyable and absolutely hassle free. In this Episode I review many of the Plugable items I use at work and at home on a regular basis. There&nbsp;many ways to make an RV more PC and Tablet Friendly and with the help of Plugable you can certainly find out how. The entire Plugable Product Line is DIY Friendly! Listen Now to Learn How! More more information about (Plugabl)e and a summary of this Episode on Arizona RV Parts Center&nbsp;&nbsp; (Click Here!) The post (↓Episode 32 – Plugable Technologies for the RV) appeared first on (Radio Arizona RV). <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 31 – Maintenance for Atwood & Suburban Water Heaters ()Epsisode 31 breaks down the basic&nbsp;Annual or as needed maintenance for RV Water Heaters. Atwood and Suburban need to have the Tanks Flushed, Anode Rods replaced and the Pressure Relief Valves replaced as needed. I delve into each area for Atwood and Suburban Water Heaters on what to check, how often and the tools needed along with parts. I also have created 3 Landing Pages on our E Commerce Site ( These pages bring out in detail the needed maintenance for both brands of water heaters. I explain just the simple maintenance side of the water heaters, not in depth repairs for a malfunction. I will get into the deeper repairs in a future episode. Another point about the landing pages on Arizona RV Parts Center is that I will continue to build these for all podcasts where it will bring some DIY value to enable to do repairs. The pages will create a go to website for RV Maintenance all in one place. The maintenance is not to difficult to do with some education and the right tools. The Water Heater Maintenance should be a DIY project for all RV’ers at any skill level, it is easier to do this than it is to take the RV to a Service Center. Listen Now! () Use this these Links for Your Water Heater: (Atwood RV Water Heaters)&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;–&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (Atwood Repair Parts) (Suburban RV Water Heaters)&nbsp;&nbsp;–&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (Suburban Repair Parts) (RV Water Heater Tools) The post (↓Episode 31 – Maintenance for Atwood &amp; Suburban Water Heaters) appeared first on (Radio Arizona RV). <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 30 – Why Shop Local for a Weekend Project ()You have this Saturday marked on you calendar to do some long needed repairs on your RV. Do you shop at the Local RV Parts Store or go online and try to snag a super deal and have the parts in time for the Saturday set aside to get the RV ready for the next trip? In most cases, you won&#8217;t snag a super deal online for RV Parts, at best it will be a good deal. A good deal is alright if you save a buck or two. Or is it? The point of this episode is to bring to the front some easy steps to make sure you have the needed parts by Saturday and making sure there is a Plan B. Lets say your RV Water Heater needs a new circuit board, your almost 100% sure! If you go to the local RV Parts Store they will be able to test your old one and confirm your theory and sell you a new board. The Internet Can&#8217;t Do That! You have your new board and you go back to your RV and install it and your water heater still doesn&#8217;t work! If you bought this circuit board Online you would now start to wonder how the return process works? What if I can&#8217;t return? Is this going to be a big hassle? The anxieties mount up but, you did save a few bucks! Or did you? Now, if you shopped locally you could just go back to the RV Parts Store and they will most likely hand you a new circuit board. This time you make sure they test it before you leave. It is the same thing with a lock or any other part, if you bought it locally you can return it and get the repair done right away. It is just like shopping at Home Depot, if you buy a faucet and it leaks after installing it, you can return it and get a replacement the same day and finish the project. It might be a hassle to do it twice but, you got the job done. In this episode I share some other thoughts based on the years of experience I have from selling online. There are many misconceptions and getting the Best Price on Amazon is just one of them. We must also consider how customer service ties into our online purchases. Listen to Episode 30 and hear the whole story! The post (↓Episode 30 &#8211; Why Shop Local for a Weekend Project) appeared first on (Radio Arizona RV). <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 29 – Answering Questions From Randy ()In this Episode I answer the questions Randy submitted via email. My rig is a 50 amp, 2 a/c units and wondering what I would need for a generator to operate 5th wheel safely when we are away from campgrounds and what brand. Ok another question, don&#8217;t know if you deal with tires. My new 2017 Forest River Rockwood Signature Ultra Lite 5th wheel has Castle Rock ST225/75R15 tires and I read numerous postings that these are China tires and they call them China bombs and they are rated load range D. I am sure we are will be running heavy with all they new stuff. We should be ok with these tires for a while I hope. I am thinking about maybe American made Goodyear endurance tires load range E. Any thoughts. The 5th wheel came with a grill to hang on the side of the slide out and it has a propane hose to quick connect to the rv, we want to use the road pro grill we have had for several years but I need to adapt from my auxiliary propane bottle hose we was using to our new quick connect on the 5th wheel to about a 15&#8242; hose and fitting to the road pro grill, our road pro has what I think is a pressure regulator at the grill, so do I need this regulator if I am tapping into my new rv quick connect which I assume would be coming through the rv&#8217;s pressure regulator ? On the slides measurements: Left large slide 151&#8243; outside edge to outside edge. (Has stove, refrigerator, couch) Left closet slide 69 1/4&#8243; outside edge to outside edge. Right large slide 115 3/4&#8243; outside edge to outside edge. (Has dinette set, tv, fireplace) Thank you Randy The post (↓Episode 29 &#8211; Answering Questions From Randy) appeared first on (Radio Arizona RV). <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 28- Answering Questions about Purchasing Slide Out Awnings ()In this Episode Eric Stark explains in simple terms the steps you should take to get an accurate price quote and what brand Eric prefers. Eric also explains why there could large gaps in price quotes if you are price shopping. Some points might seem to be elementary but I base my information on and how questions related to Slide Out Awnings are asked. I also find if the question is not asked right or properly understood the results will be less than satisfactory. The post (↓Episode 28- Answering Questions about Purchasing Slide Out Awnings) appeared first on (Radio Arizona RV). <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 27 – The RV Manufacturer Today Disregards Quailty ()Today we see that the automotive industry does everything in it&#8217;s power to build a better product and provide a customer service experience that will make you want to be a loyal customer. Where as, the RV Industry is building RV&#8217;s with more electronics and taking advantage of new technologies and giving the perception of building a better product. The RV Manufacturer has long been known for cutting corners and doing things to save money that no other reputable industry can get away with. The point of this Podcast is not to discourage someone from buying an RV or giving up on the RV Lifestyle, it is an effort to educate the RV&#8217;er to become a better consumer and avoid some the pitfalls of buying a new RV. Listen Now to Learn More About Purchasing a New RV! The post (↓Episode 27 &#8211; The RV Manufacturer Today Disregards Quailty) appeared first on (Radio Arizona RV). <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 26 – Lippert Components & Power Gear ()The purchase of Power Gear by Lippert Components took place in June of 2014 and has resulted in a decline in customer service for dealers and RV&#8217;ers alike. Power Gear was a good company to work with before being purchased by Lippert Components. Although Power Gear did raise their prices substantially before the purchase. We experienced 20%-40% price increases. For example: A power Gear motor that cost $200 went to $500 my cost. That is a substantial increase and Power Gear could never give a good explanation for the radical increases. After the purchase Lippert Components raised the prices again and also started the unfriendly task of assigning all Power Gear and Kwikee parts with Lippert part numbers. This will create confusion for years to come. Power Gear and Kwikee numbers have been populating the internet for decades and all of the dealers have only used Power Gear and Kwikee numbers. It will take years to get the world transformed to Lippert numbers. It was a ridiculous move and it just exemplifies the &#8220;who cares&#8217; attitude by Lippert. It is also displayed in the quality most of Lippert products. Listen Now to Episode 26. The post (↓Episode 26 &#8211; Lippert Components &#038; Power Gear) appeared first on (Radio Arizona RV). <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 25 – Entertainment w/ TV, Movies & Pico Projectors ()The big deal about the small projector is that you can connect it to just about any Computer, iPad, iPod, iPhone and Android device with simple and inexpensive adapters. You have the technology to connect to an awesome projector. Here is the other plus to using a projector. You can now get out of the RV and move outside to watch movies with as many friends and family members you can pack around your RV or Trailer. With a projector all you need is a flat wall or you can hang a sheet to make a projector screen. ( To Learn more about Pico Projectors by AAXA Click Here)! Adapters for Apple Products and Android devices are available in most electronic stores or on the internet. The post (↓Episode 25 &#8211; Entertainment w/ TV, Movies &#038; Pico Projectors) appeared first on (Radio Arizona RV). <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 24 – Pest Control w/ Sniff n Stop ()Sniff n Stop is a product that works and in this Episode I break down how well it works based on my own personal experience with it. Sniff n Stop is distributed by Valterra Products to the RV Industry and they offer some of the best products in the industry and Valterra is an honest and trusted company that has withstood the test of time and has served the RV Industry for decades. Not to mention, Sniff n Stop has been around for decades being used in other industries and it is now available to the RV&#8217;er. (Sniff n Stop is available @ Arizona RV Parts Center) The post (↓Episode 24 &#8211; Pest Control w/ Sniff n Stop) appeared first on (Radio Arizona RV). <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 23 – LP Fittings & Adapters Part 2 ()In this Episode I talk about safety and how to Identify and explain what you are looking for when you go to the parts guy. Quite often the terminology makes it hard for you to explain and harder for the Parts Guy to see your vision. I lay it out in simple terms. I also explain certain things that have to work in specific ways for additional appliances to work properly. (LP Fitting and Adapter Catalog) (Check Out Arizona RV Parts Center for LP Fittings and Accessories.) The post (↓Episode 23 &#8211; LP Fittings &#038; Adapters Part 2) appeared first on (Radio Arizona RV). <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 22 – Propane Fittings Part 1 ()This is Part 1 of the LP Fitting episodes. The point of this episode is to help RV&#8217;ers to keep safety at the forefront when repairing their LP system. The proper tools should always be used along with properly checking for leaks after any repair that is done. The simple way is to use the liquid leak detector that bubbles up. You can buy it ready made or make your own with dish soap and water. It is also important to buy quality LP Hoses and Regulators! I recommend that you only buy LP Hoses and Regulators that are made by companies that specialize in LP Hoses and Accessories. There is some Junk on the market and I would recommend that you avoid any LP Hoses and Regulators that are made by companies that make dish drainers, toilet chemicals and other non-LP related products. Safety First! This episode brings attention to replacing an Auto Change Over Regulator that is mostly found on Trailers with 2 LP Tanks. It also delves into some basics when replacing a regulator and some things that should be done at the same time such as, replacing the Propane Hoses. It adds to the cost but, it just makes the job complete. I explain in some detail about LP fittings that are found on RV and how to seal them properly. Listen Now to Hear the Details! Check Out Episode 23 for More Information on Fittings and Adapters. This link will will open a Catalog with all of the common Propane Fittings, Adapters and LP Hoses for Recreational Vehicles and Travel Trailers. (LP Fitting and Adapter Catalog) (Check Out Arizona RV Parts Center for LP Fittings and Accessories.) The post (↓Episode 22 &#8211; Propane Fittings Part 1) appeared first on (Radio Arizona RV). <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 21 – Riding Your Bike in an RV Park ()RV&#8217;ers everywhere stay in well kept, safe and secure RV Parks. Rv&#8217;ers everywhere bring their bicycles with them and should take advantage of the security found in most RV Parks. To ride a bike on a busy street takes the fun right out of it and it creates a situation that is not safe nor inviting. In my area the roads are very rough along the shoulder and there are tractors, buses and large pieces of equipment continuously using the roads and it is a hazard for the most cautious bicyclist. Riding a bike is a great way to get exercise and we all need that. Exercise is an important part of life as we get older. RV Parks can become the safe place to ride without any anxieties of riding on local streets and highways. In an RV Park the roads are usually flat and maintained to give you a safe and comfortable place to get that much needed exercise. Don&#8217;t over think this, just buy a bike that you can afford and is in good condition if it is used. You may need a bike with gears or maybe no gears will work for you, the point is to get a bike if don&#8217;t already have one and start exercising. Start out with some simple rides to get familiar with the bike and RV Park and build on that. Make it a daily routine and before you know it you will feel better and have more energy. This a great way to exercise and it can be a lot of fun with some imagination. You could get others to join and create groups to ride with and when others are involved they can motivate you and you them. You could make competitive and fun at the same time by having some races with simple awards. Listen to the Full Episode Now! The post (↓Episode 21 &#8211; Riding Your Bike in an RV Park) appeared first on (Radio Arizona RV). <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 20 – WASPcam Action Cameras ()Wasp Action Cameras are nice way to capture those moments on your ATV, 4 Wheel Drive, Pedal Driven Bicycle or whatever your passion is. This is a great product available at reasonable prices. GoPro is the Gold Standard but Wasp is the undisputed Champion for providing quality at affordable prices for the the guy who just wants to record some footage without the price tag and complicated equipment. More and more RV&#8217;ers are riding ATV&#8217;s and enjoying 4 Wheel Drive vehicles and the Wasp Action Cameras are an inexpensive way to record by video or use the still camera function to capture some of those moments that are just to hard to explain. A picture is worth a thousand words! The Wasp 9902 and 9905 are two easy to use and operate cameras and are very affordable. Below you will find links to purchase and the owners manuals. Click the Play Button and Listen to the Entire Episode! Wasp &#8211; Gideon 9902/9904 Manual (Wasp &#8211; Tact 9905 Manual) (Check Out the 9905 and 9902 @ Arizona RV Parts Center) The post (↓Episode 20 &#8211; WASPcam Action Cameras) appeared first on (Radio Arizona RV). <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 19 – New Window Awning Replacement Fabrics at Low, Affordable Prices ()Introducing High Quality Window Awning Fabrics at Low, Affordable Prices. These are available from Sunpro Mfg and come in 7 Solid Colors with a 3 Year Warranty. The high quality 13oz material is will last for many years to come. Sunpro Mfg makes them to fit all Carefree of Colorado and A&amp;E Window Awnings. Low Prices &amp; Free Shipping! (Learn More about Sunpro RV Window Awning Fabrics) Sunpro Mfg RV Window Awning Replacement Fabrics are made of our Time Tested Sun Tuff 13oz vinyl fabric. This is the same vinyl that we use for our 13oz Slide Out Fabrics that have been in service for many years. The Sunpro Awning Fabrics are available in 7 solid colors and are made to fit your existing Window Awning Hardware. Why Do You Only Offer the 13oz.? Out of all of the awnings on an RV, the Window Awnings have the least amount of exposure to the sun. They are almost always several feet below the roof line getting less exposure from the sun. Quite often RV&#8217;s are parked with only one side exposed to the sun for a portion of the day. There is less fabric than a patio awning and does not suffer the stresses when it is windy and they usually do not keep moisture like other awnings when rolled up. The point is, why spend extra money when you will probably not even own your RV when these need replacing. Save your money for something else. One Price: We offer one price for Standard and Tall Heights unlike the other guys who charge you more for the Tall Fabric. We can accommodate any height or Bead to Bead measurement up to 54&#8243;. How to Measure: Measure the length of the &#8220;Fabric&#8221;, not the roller tube. With the Window Awning fully extended measure from Bead to Bead. This is the bead that is sewn into the fabric with one bead in the roller tube and the other Bead on the side of the RV. • 13oz Sun Tuff Fabric • 7 Solid Colors to Choose From • 1 Price for Any Height Up To 54&#8243; • Fit Almost All Brands of Window Awnings • 3 Year Warranty • Beige, Black, Dark Brown, Forest Green, Gray, Pacific Blue, White Free Fabric Samples Are Available Upon Request! (Click Here to Purchase from Sunpro Mfg!) The post (↓Episode 19 &#8211; New Window Awning Replacement Fabrics at Low, Affordable Prices) appeared first on (Radio Arizona RV). <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 18 – Treating a Rubber Roof – Part 3 of the Rubber Roof Series

    T ()his episode is the last of a 3 part series about Repairing, Cleaning and Treating an RV Rubber Roof. Treating the Rubber Roof is the final step of the 3 main steps to Maintaining and Extending the life of the RV Rubber Roof. Treating the Rubber Roof comes in at the end of the cleaning and repair stages. Before you treat the Rubber Roof you will want to recheck the roof for any minor repairs that you might have missed after cleaning. It is important to do these repairs before you treat the roof because the Dicor Lap Sealant or any similar brand of rubber roof sealant will not adhere if the treatment is applied first. We highly recommend Dior Lap Sealant because Dicor manufactures rubber roofs and they know what works. After all of your repairs are done you can take the Dicor Roof Gard or a similar product and go up on the roof and either use a spray bottle or sponge mop and start applying in small areas and work in a pattern and treat the roof in a manner similar to applying Armor All (We do not recommend Armor All for anything!) and you are done. Dicor recommends to treat the roof every 3-5 weeks which could be necessary in certain areas of the country of if you have certain environmental issues that could require more maintenance. If not, you can probably treat the Rubber Roof 2-3 times per year. You should always treat the roof when you wash it. Check Out (Dicors website) for more information. (Click Here to Purchase Dicor Roof Gard!) The post (↓Episode 18 &#8211; Treating a Rubber Roof &#8211; Part 3 of the Rubber Roof Series) appeared first on (Radio Arizona RV). <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 17 – How to Clean a Rubber Roof – Part 2 of the Rubber Roof Series () If you are going to clean your Rubber Roof you might as well wash your RV at the same time, it is more work but, it is easier to do it all at once in most instances. I recommend using a cleaner that is made for rubber roofs such as Dicors Rubber Roof Cleaner, it is designed to clean the rubber better than a product not made for cleaning rubber roofs. If you don&#8217;t want to buy a product made for rubber roofs than I would suggest using Dawn Dish Washing Soap, it is safe cleaner for most applications. It is still best to use a cleaner made and has been tested on rubber roofs. When cleaning your rubber roof with a product that is made for it you will need to exercise caution and not let the cleaner run down the sides, it can cause damage. When I clean my roof I will keep the sides of the RV wet and that will reduce any potential for damage. The cleaner can remove wax, stain the Gel Coat, Stain Awnings and Covers. Don&#8217;t let that scare you, it is still better to use a roof cleaner. You can also mask off the sides with plastic and that will create a protective barrier although, it will create more work. I just wash the roof and RV at the same time, it is easier. Stains are just that, stains! You can use Tilex or bleach or bleach to try to clean a stain, you probably will not be able to remove the stain and keep in mind it is on the roof and no one can see it. At the end of the day who cares, a stain can&#8217;t ruin the roof. Scrub the stain with Tilex but don&#8217;t scrub so hard and for so long you ruin the roof, it is just a stain. Even if you selling your RV, you can show them the stain and explain that according to Dicor it will not harm the roof and is no cause for alarm. You will want clean any stains before you do the entire roof. Tree sap can be a problem and hard to remove. It is best to avoid parking under trees. Dicor recommends using an ice cube to remove the sap. Place the ice cube on the sap and the sap may peel up after it freezes. If that doesn&#8217;t work you can use Mineral Spirits (Use with Great Caution) and try clean the sap,don&#8217;t get carried away with sap, it can&#8217;t ruin the roof. Check out the Podcast for more tips on cleaning methods and how to prevent and remove black streaks. Check out all of Episode 17 Now! Part 2 of the 3 Part Rubber Roof Series. (Purchase Dicor Rubber Roof Cleaners) The post (↓Episode 17 &#8211; How to Clean a Rubber Roof &#8211; Part 2 of the Rubber Roof Series) appeared first on (Radio Arizona RV). <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 16 – How to Maintain a Rubber Roof – Part 1 of the Rubber Roof Series ()This is Part 1 of a Multi-Part series about Rubber Roof Maintenance and Care.This episode is about Rubber Roof inspections and finding problems before they become disasters. Rubber roofs are  a great roof for any kind of RV and there are many reasons why. They do not create Black Streaks, they do not create Mold, the Rubber itself does not leak unless it is torn or a leak develops from a roof accessory that is mounted to it such as, a roof rack stanchion, sky light or something else that requires drilling. Leaks are an Enemy to an RV. It is very important to check for leaks and fix the leak as soon as possible. Leaks create mold growth and water damage, even a small leak that is not fixed in a timely manner can create hundreds and maybe thousands of dollars of damage. The ongoing water leak destroys paneling, flooring, cabinets, ceiling panels, insulation and just about anything else it comes in contact with. Check inside cabinets and inspect the roof for leaks, look for stains or damaged ceiling panels. Keep in mind the roof is on the top of the RV and it protects everything under it. Check the roof for damaged vents or cracked and missing sealants. Visually inspect the entire roof for any damaged roof accessories or tears in the roof itself. Check that the ladder and roof rack are still tight and the screws aren&#8217;t coming out to make the way for water to leak in. It is usually best to do any big repairs before cleaning the roof. After a big repair you will want to clean the roof thoroughly to look for smaller less obvious problems and then repair as needed. Listen Now to the Entire Episode! (Check Out Rudy&#8217;s Maintenance Guide from Dicor.) The post (↓Episode 16 &#8211; How to Maintain a Rubber Roof &#8211; Part 1 of the Rubber Roof Series) appeared first on (Radio Arizona RV). <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 15 – How the New UPS and Fedex Rates Will Adversely Affect Shipping Costs ()This Podcast explains why at the beginning of 2015 UPS and Fedex not only raised their rates but, at the same time introduced Dimensional Shipping Rates (DSR). DSR has been created to offset additional shipping costs created by companies like Amazon. Amazon will ship an iPhone in a box that can hold 100 iPhones thus, UPS and Fedex are shipping big boxes that way nothing and take up a lot of space. Instead of dealing with the problem they are passing on the new expenses to the consumers by raising there rates by at least 5% in the best case and 25% or more the rest of the time. The shipping game has changed! The DSR&#8217;s have made shipping with UPS and Fedex more difficult and expensive. The items that really get hit the hardest are large boxes that do not way very much. For example, an Air Conditioner Shroud may only way 18 lbs including the box but, because of the size of it could ship at the dimensional rate of 129 lbs. That is not affordable and not every item falls into this category. We have started to ship more with USPS which creates more work for us but, it reduces the shipping costs for our customers. We pay for shipping on items we buy online or from our suppliers and we get hit with the same high costs of shipping and are very aware that high shipping costs can make us lose business. When we process any of our online orders we always look at the shipping charges and see if there is a way to ship it for less to save our customers money and if we find a less expensive method we refund the difference. We have made some deals with our suppliers to get better rates when we have items drop shipped and all of the savings get passed on, shipping is not a profit center of us, it is a tool to deliver goods to our customers. Listen Now to the Entire Episode! The post (↓Episode 15 &#8211; How the New UPS and Fedex Rates Will Adversely Affect Shipping Costs) appeared first on (Radio Arizona RV). <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 14 – When to Change & Why to Maintain LP & Carbon Monoxide Detectors ()Safety First! Have you ever wondered why your LP or CO Detector just starts beeping for no apparent reason? It has died! They have a expiration date and as a safety precaution it lets you know when it is dying and that it is time to replace it. To many people hear a beeping CO or LP detector and consider it as an annoyance and they just take the batteries out or disconnect it all together! That is not a good move, they are installed for your safety. Since 1996 New RV&#8217;s were required by law to have an LP leak detector installed and in 2005 all New RV&#8217;s were required by law to have a CO and LP leak detector installed. If you purchase a new RV it will have both detectors already installed. If you purchase a used RV depending on the year it may have one or the other installed. If it is older than 2005 but not older than 1996 you will want to install a CO leak detector or replace the LP leak detector with a combination LP/CO leak detector. In any scenario you will want to have both leak detectors. It is important to have both the LP and CO leak detectors, they do save lives. A leak can come out of no where or a faulty furnace can create CO and it could cost a family or friend their life. There are many potential sources for CO poisoning and lives are lost each year due to Faulty CO detectors or negligence on the part of the owner. The same is true about fires that start from a leaking stove, furnace, oven, BBQ; LP fires spread quickly in an RV and an RV burns fairly rapidly making an escape sometimes difficult. Check the date code on your detector and see if it close the 5 year life that it has. Don&#8217;t mess around with this Important Safety Feature! Listen Now to the Entire Episode on CO and LP Safety! (Shop Now for an LP and CO Leak Detector!) The post (↓Episode 14 &#8211; When to Change &#038; Why to Maintain LP &#038; Carbon Monoxide Detectors) appeared first on (Radio Arizona RV). <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 13 – Water Softener, Reverse Osmosis or Water Filters, which is best for you? ()Check Episodes 11 &amp; 12 First &#8211; It will make better sense. The decision is yours! A RV Water Filter, Reverse Osmosis system, Water Softener? Do you need any of the aforementioned? Maybe just a Water Filter is all you need? In this episode I will explore the options of the 3 water systems that are widely used in RV&#8217;s to produce better water quality. Reverse Osmosis, Water Softeners and Water Filters are pretty simple systems within themselves and I will explore which might be best for you. At the bare minimum you will probably want a Dual Filter water filter system. A basic water filter system will at least make your water safe from the various bacteria&#8217;s and other microscopic living creatures found in most water supplies. When choosing the water system that will work for you there are several factors to consider. Do you the have the space for it, is it in your budget and what is your ultimate goal. The Reverse Osmosis System needs to be installed under the kitchen sink or in a compartment with a dedicated faucet installed at the kitchen sink. The RO System will produce clean water for drinking and cooking, it might be the best solution. A Water Softener has its advantages because it services the entire RV and not just one faucet. It will keep the entire plumbing system free from minerals that cause damage and eliminate hard water and the problems it creates. Your showers will feel better and if you have a washing machine your clothes will be cleaner. You will actually have pretty descent drinking water and most Water Softeners are compact and easy to store. A Dual Cartridge Water Filter is the basic system and for a lot of RV&#8217;ers this is the easiest to use, store and maintain. And it will serve the basic function of keeping your water clean. Read More of Episode 13 to Find Out More! (Check Out Arizona RV Parts Center for Fresh Water Systems) The post (↓Episode 13 &#8211; Water Softener, Reverse Osmosis or Water Filters, which is best for you?) appeared first on (Radio Arizona RV). <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 12 – Water Softener Basics ()Today there are many Portable Water Softeners for the RV&#8217;er to choose from. At the end of the day they all virtually do the same thing just some with salt others with potassium. They are pretty simple to hook up and use and store when not in use. A Water Softener does just as its name implies, it softens the water by removing the minerals that make it hard. Hard water leaves water spots and has minerals that ruin appliances such as coffee makers and washing machines. The minerals also build up in pipes, faucets and ice makers. Even your shower is affected by hard water, the soap does not lather up. Hard water also leaves scale build up on shower, tubs, shower/tub doors and sinks making it much harder to keep clean. Portable RV Water Softeners are a great addition to improving your water quality. They are very easy to use and maintain making them very practical for most RV&#8217;ers. They will need to be recharged from time to time depending on your water usage. Most RV Water Softeners use either table salt or potassium and both are readily available and convenient. I personally would prefer Table Salt, you can always swipe the salt shakers from Denny&#8217;s or IHop. Just kidding. Listen to the Full Episode Now! (Check Out Arizona RV Parts Center for Fresh Water Systems) The post (↓Episode 12 &#8211; Water Softener Basics) appeared first on (Radio Arizona RV). <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 11- Reverse Osmosis Systems for RV’s ()Reverse Osmosis Systems for RV&#8217;s can be a great addition if you have the space for it. For an RV the RO System is the same as a house for the most part, just a little smaller. An RO System is the proven way to remove salt from the water source and gives you fresh salt free water. It is a simple system to use and maintain although quite often it is hyped up to as a complex system. I am not sure the hype is true because it is very simple to install, understand and maintain. After the initial install it is a matter of replacing the filters when needed. This is a pretty simple system to understand. This is single faucet system, it does supply your entire RV. There are two pre-filters, one sediment and one carbon. After the filters the system will have a flow restrictor and the membrane. The membrane is many layers of materials that filters out all of the bad stuff that made it through the first two filters. And then there is a post filter to finish up the job. Finally the water ends up in a pressure tank that stops the flow of water when it is full, this keeps water from being wasted. RO systems have waste water that is not used and is ejected through the gray water plumbing, the amount is minimal but, you do need to know that. Listen to The Full Episode to Hear All of the Details (Check Out Arizona RV Parts Center for Fresh Water Systems) The post (↓Episode 11- Reverse Osmosis Systems for RV&#8217;s) appeared first on (Radio Arizona RV). <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 10 – How to Properly Inquire into RV Appliance Parts ()Seriously, You Need To Listen to This! Buying an appliance part should not be painful although quite often it is. Taking the right approach and going to the Parts Counter with the right information will simplify this sometimes painful process. Bring your Appliance Model Number to the RV Store and the parts guy should be able help you with ease. It happens everyday, someone needs a part and they do not have the Model Number. It is very difficult to figure out what the part number is unless us or any parts guy has the model number. For example: Dometic has hundreds off refrigerator models and a very small amount of parts are interchangeable. In other words one door handle might only fit 2 or 3 models out of hundreds. Or a furnace blower motor for example: Suburban has hundreds of different models of furnaces and almost as many different blower motors. Even bringing you motor to the store can be a challenge for the parts guy. He will try to physically match it up to the ones he has in stock and that can be tedious and quite often non-productive. He might not have all of the motors in stock and if he has to order it he will need the model number. get the picture? Listen to the Entire Episode Now, Help a Parts Guy Keep His Sanity! The post (↓Episode 10 &#8211; How to Properly Inquire into RV Appliance Parts) appeared first on (Radio Arizona RV). <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 9 – Portable Battery Jump Starter about the Size of a Cell Phone ()The Portable Power Pack is a great tool to have to charge Cell Phones, Tablets, iPads, iPods, iPhones and any other device that requires charging. The best thing is, these Power Packs can jump start a Full Size PU Truck! I was very skeptical when these were first shown to me, I had to see real results and I did. The salesman jump started his suburban with the battery disconnected, he did it about 8 times. It is the real deal! They come in 2 sizes and are very compact and extremely portable. The other nice thing bout these Portable Power Packs is that they can easily be carried in a back pack, tool box, stored on an ATV for emergency purposes. Every ATV&#8217;er should be prepared for emergency situations that come out of nowhere. batteries go dead, light get left on and in the desert a dead battery can be a dangerous situation. The Portable Power Packs also have adapters to charge cell phones, tablets and more. Check Out the Full Story and Listen Now!  The post (↓Episode 9 &#8211; Portable Battery Jump Starter about the Size of a Cell Phone) appeared first on (Radio Arizona RV). <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 8 – Managing the Sun by use of Awning Drops & End Panels

    RV Awning Drops and End Panels are a great way to create an outdoor space that actually expands the living area. You can create a shaded area to enjoy the sunny days or it can double as a wind barrier at night to create a warm space for enjoying the evening. The Awning Drops are easy to use, just slide it into the Utility Groove on the Awning Roller Tube. The End Panels attach to the Tension Rafter on Manual Awnings or on Electric Awnings they attach at the side of the RV to the awning hardware and out at the roller tube. Both Products are great for adding extra privacy and are extremely easy to use. The Awning Drops can be angled out to give you more room under the Awning while in use. We also make them with our ProZip zipper upgrade so the bottom section can be removed leaving the upper section on the roller tube. This makes it much easier to remove the lower section in windy conditions and then the Awning can be retracted and avoid any wind damage. Listen to the Full Episode for the Whole Story (Learn More About Sunpro Awning Drops) (Learn More About Sunpro Awning End Panels) The post (↓Episode 8 &#8211; Managing the Sun by use of Awning Drops &#038; End Panels) appeared first on (Radio Arizona RV). <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 7 – Tire Covers / Fender Covers ()Fender Covers are a simple way to cover your RV tires and protect them from the sun. Fender Covers are easier to put on than traditional vinyl tire covers and they look great. Either type of Tire Cover will protect the tires and reduce the potential for failure. Just make sure you cover them. Vinyl Tire Covers serve a purpose and that is to keep the sun off the tires to reduce damage and to extend their life. We sell Vinyl Tire Covers in White and Black. some RV&#8217;ers tend to think the black will make the tires hotter and ruin them. That is not the case, black tires get a little hotter but, not enough to cause damage. The difference between black and white is very minimal in terms of heat build up. Black will look nicer for a longer period of time. The best solution are Fender Covers that attach to the side of the RV. They are easier to put on and remove. They stay much cleaner than traditional tire covers and definitely look nicer. We make ours with our Suntex 90% sunshade material that blocks out 90% of the suns UV rays and light. Listen to The Rest of The Story Now (Check Out Our Fender Covers @ SunPro Mfg) The post (↓Episode 7 &#8211; Tire Covers / Fender Covers) appeared first on (Radio Arizona RV). <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 6 – Patio Awnings & Fabrics ()All most all RV&#8217;s have a Patio/Main Awning installed to provide cover from the elements. If you are one of the many and enjoy using your RV Awning you will need to maintain some part of it sooner or later. An awning can function properly for decades or until the parts become obsolete. The fabrics are the most common part of an awning to fail and they are well worth the money to replace. RV Awnings are a great piece of equipment to have on an RV. A&amp;E and Carefree of Colorado are the two most popular brands sold today. Zip Dee and Girard are two other quality manufactures of awnings usually found on certain brands of RV&#8217;s or high End motorhomes. Our conversation is going to revolve around A&amp;E and Carefree. They both are good awnings whether it is electric or manual and both have stood the test of time and have been used on RV&#8217;s for decades. Either brand will need some maintenance and that is what this podcast is about. (Check Out Arizona RV Parts Center for Dometic Awning Fabrics!) Listen Now to Hear All of the Details The post (↓Episode 6 &#8211; Patio Awnings &#038; Fabrics) appeared first on (Radio Arizona RV). <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 5 – RV Slide Out Awning Fabrics ()In this Episode I discuss the value of Slide Out Awnings and Replacing the Slide Out Fabrics. Sunpro Mfg offers 13 oz and 18 oz Slide Out Awning Fabrics for all brands of Slide Out Awnings. Sunpro has 7 different colors in the 13 oz and 2 colors in the 18 oz. With a 3 or 5 Year Warranty you can&#8217;t go wrong with a Sunpro Slide Out Awning Replacement Fabric. Slide Out Awnings are a great way to keep debris and who knows what out of your RV when you bring your slide out in.    Slide out awnings were never made to keep water out from leaking seals although, they do help in this regard. You should always repair a water leak and not let it to continue because a leak will usually get worse. The fabrics don&#8217;t last forever as some might think and they will need to be replaced at some point in time. The hardware will last for decades with Carefree Free of Colorado and A&amp;E by Dometic. You might need to replace a part here and there but considering they are a pretty simple piece of equipment they hold up pretty good. Rather than reading my ramblings, Listen to the Entire Episode Now. (Learn More About Sunpro Slide Out Fabrics) The post (↓Episode 5 &#8211; RV Slide Out Awning Fabrics) appeared first on (Radio Arizona RV). <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 4 – Leaf Spring Maintenance & Repair ()In this episode I get into the importance and simplicity of Travel Trailer Leaf Springs and the importance of inspecting them and being prepared to replace a damaged Leaf Spring before it leaves you stranded. Most Travel Trailers and 5th Wheels have leaf springs and this would also include Utility Trailers as well. Over the years I have listened to a lot of customers complain about their broken leaf springs or related parts and how now they are stranded until they get it repaired. In a lot of scenarios the breakdown could possibly have been avoided. One of the problems leaf springs or suspension problems create is they usually break while you are traveling and not parked. And it is not always easy to find the suspension parts you need on the road, it can be hard even when you are not on the road. Not all RV Parts stores carry suspension parts and they might not have what you need when you need it. It can create a real problem when you are not prepared for it. The worst situation is when your trailer is broken down on the side of the road somewhere, it is dangerous and an uncomfortable situation to find yourself in. It is a good idea to carry a spare leaf spring or two and some basic suspension parts and most importantly, do some Pre-Travel inspections. Listen to The Full Episode to See The Big Picture! The post (↓Episode 4 &#8211; Leaf Spring Maintenance &#038; Repair) appeared first on (Radio Arizona RV). <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 3 – Trailer Tire Safety ()In this episode I discuss Trailer Tire Safety and how Trailer Tires are unique and require more attention than most other tires on the road. This is what most Rv&#8217;ers Don&#8217;t Know and Need to Know. Trailer Tires basically face the same issues or have the same problems regardless of what kind of trailer you have. They require specific maintenance steps and they are made for trailers and nothing else. Trailer tires also have an expiration date, in other words, those tires have that great looking tread because you don&#8217;t use the trailer that often does not mean those tires are safe. Beware!    Let me explain. Trailer tires have a life span of about 5 years and and for the average RV&#8217;er that is about 10,000 miles or 2,000 a year and that is not a lot of miles. The tires can breakdown on the outside from excessive wear and that is what we expect and understand. The other side of the coin is trailer tires also breakdown on the inside whether being used or not although, they do last longer if you use your trailer more often. Trailer tires are made to move and not sit, they get internally lubricated by rolling down the highway. Movement keeps them alive, just like a human. Learn More About Trailer Tire Safety, Listen to The Entire Episode The post (↓Episode 3 &#8211; Trailer Tire Safety) appeared first on (Radio Arizona RV). <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 2 – Trailer Wheel Bearings and Brakes

    In this episode I discuss the importance of maintaining the Wheel Bearings and Brakes on Travel &amp; 5th Wheel Trailers. It is extremely important to give attention to these 2 systems, failure can mean a break down on the highway leaving yourself and family exposed to dangers. In this episode it is gear towards trailer brakes on utility and recreational trailers and not so much for boat trailers. Boat trailer brakes and bearings get submerged and there are some differences in maintaining it. Trailer brakes will last 50 to 70 thousand miles and that is lot of miles for the average trailer. The brake magnet will probably fail first because they ware out or short out internally and stop functioning and in turn the brakes on that wheel will not function. Brake magnets are expensive in comparison to a complete backing plate with hardware, brake shoes and a new magnet. If your shoes or magnets need replacing I would highly recommend to just replace the entire backing plate with all new hardware, 4 bolts connect 2 wires and adjust the shoes and you are done. Wheel bearings are a common system to be ignored when it comes to maintenance. From my experience RV&#8217;ers have a tendency to ignore getting their wheel bearings repacked on regular intervals. When a wheel bearing burns up it can obviously ruin the bearing, bearing race and possible the spindle, hub or drum costing a lot more money than having the bearings repacked and grease seals replaced. It is also very unpleasant to be broken down on the side of the road. It can be a dangerous spot to be in. It is very wise to carry spare wheel bearings and even a hub or drum might not break the bank and it is cheap insurance. Listen to the Full Episode to Learn More The post (↓Episode 2 &#8211; Trailer Wheel Bearings and Brakes) appeared first on (Radio Arizona RV). <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

  • ↓Episode 1 – What this Podcast is About ()This Podcast is an introduction to Radio Arizona RV and who we are and in what ways we are involved in the RV Industry. My name Eric Stark and I am the owner of Arizona RV Parts Center located Wellton, AZ just east of Yuma. Radio Arizona RV is my creation and the goal is to help RV&#8217;ers maintain their RV and get a better understanding of the different systems that are already on your RV or something you might want to add on. Each episode is going to be as short as possible with out a lot of needless conversation. I don&#8217;t get extremely technical, at least yet. I want to give you a direction to get started in. There is lot of subjects that can be covered but, they do not need a lot technical details to get an understanding to determine if you need to do it or if want to do it. I am a parts guy and I explain a lot stuff to a lot of people and I know what it takes to give the information they need and what they don&#8217;t need. I have an episode about wheel bearing maintenance and I cover the importance of checking and maintaining the wheel bearings and the consequences if you don&#8217;t. If you listen to the episode it will motivate to get your bearings checked by a professional or do it yourself if you have the expertise. At this point in time I don&#8217;t have step by step instructions, some things you do come with instructions and other things require a professional. Just Take a Few Minutes and Hear it For Yourself The post (↓Episode 1 &#8211; What this Podcast is About) appeared first on (Radio Arizona RV). <a rel="payment" href="">Support this podcast</a>

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