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Awning Drop & End Panel Sunpro RV Awning Drops & End Panels can be ordered in 85% or 90% Solar/Sun Blocker Mesh Material. They are ideal for adding privacy while blocking out the sun's UV Rays. The Protex 85% is a lighter weight material making it easier to handle and manage. The Suntex 90% is a heavier material that provides more UV Protection and provides more privacy. The Awning Drops and End Panels are available in both fabrics.

The Awning Drops are designed to fit most awnings that have a *Utility Groove. We make every Awning Drop one at a time, making it to meet your specifications. If you need some extra space or privacy an Awning Drop will provide that and if you want to make your patio more like a room you can just add a couple of End Panels. The Awning Drops are also known as Awning Sun Blockers and are available in 18 Colors and range from 10' to 20' Length with a 6', 7', 8' and 9' *Drops. The Sunpro RV Awning Drops come with Ball Bungees, Stakes, and a Storage Bag. *All of the Awning Drops are Nominal in the Drop (height), Click Here for more information.

ProZip Awning Drop Upgrade: This is the perfect solution for Automatic Awnings because of their height. Now you can just install the smaller top section and zip up the lower section. If it gets windy just unzip the lower section and roll up your awning, it's that easy. The ProZip is a 2 piece awning drop that makes using your RV Awning Drop a pleasure. Now you simply slide the upper section into the utility groove and once it is in place you just zip up the lower section. The ProZip Upgrade is an additional $65.00 or $70.00, see the Awning Drop Price Sheet.

The RV Awning End Panels are designed to be used with awnings that have a "Tension Rafter", most manual awnings do have one. End Panels, sometimes called Side Blockers are a great addition to an awning to block out the sun or to add some privacy, We custom make all of our end panels to your measurements, so each End Panel will fit perfect. If you already have an Awning Drop you know how well our products work and if you add an End Panel you can't go wrong.

Zipper Door Upgrade: We can install a Zipper Door in your End Panel giving you easier access for coming and going. The Zipper Door is made to the height and width you specify and when unzipped you simply roll it up and the door stores out of the way. To close the door, simply unroll it and zip up the sides and your done. The Zipper Door Upgrade is an additional $60.00

Because our Awning Drops and End Panels are made to your measurements, it would be very helpful for us if you took a moment to read our instructions on how to measure. You can use the link provided below.

For complete instructions use the "Installation Instructions" link below.

Download helpful instructions on how to install your Sunpro brand RV Awning Drapes, Shades, & End Panels.Installation Instructions If you need help installing your motorhome awning drapes or end panels, contact us and we'll be glad to help.Get Help