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Awning Drop & End Panel Sunpro Fifth Wheel Skirts are a great addition to any 5th wheel trailer when additional space is needed. Sunpro Fifth Wheel Skirts can transform a "Dead Space" into a usable space to store all of the necessities of camping such as, golf clubs, bicycles, small refrigerators and whatever else you might need to bring along for the trip.

The Fifth Wheel Skirt shown to the left has been installed with awning rail and mounts under the overhang. This looks very clean and helps keep rain and moisture out. Most Fifth Wheel Skirts mount on the side of the trailer and wrap around the front and in a lot of applications the conventional way is a better way to go.

Fifth Wheel Skirts are a very practical way to add needed storage space to your 5th wheel trailer and are relatively inexpensive considering the alternatives such as a shed or renting space if available. Sunpro Fifth Wheel Skirts also provide some security by not allowing anyone to see what you are storing and making it more difficult to walk off with possessions. Now your possessions are protected from the elements, stay cleaner and remain in better condition.

How Do We Make Them: We use a very high quality vinyl material that has three layers (Tri-laminate) to give it the strength it needs to hold up in all conditions. The Tri-laminate material is resistant to UV Light, Mold and Mildew and can easily be cleaned when needed. We install a zipper door on the right side of the skirt giving you easy access to your belongings. If your king pin protrudes beyond the front of the Fifth Wheel Trailer we make an opening and the king pin simply protrudes through it.

Sunpro makes two types of 5th Wheel Skirts and the main difference is how they mount. The skirt pictured above is using the Awning Rail method that can be very attractive on trailers with large front caps that protrude way out. It can be difficult to wrap a Conventional Skirt around some of the larger front caps and keep a nice clean appearance although, we do it both ways on large capped trailers, we just prefer the Awning Rail method.

Awning Drop & End Panel

Conventional Sunpro Fifth Wheel Skirts are a great product if you need the storage and your Fifth Wheel Trailer is more conducive for mounting it. With the Conventional Method you will get more storage space and that is always a plus. The picture to the left is a Conventional Skirt and as you can see it looks great and will accomplish the task at hand, more storage space. Whatever your needs are we can accommodate you and provide the storage solution that works best for you and your 5th Wheel Trailer.

For complete measuring instructions use the "Measuring Instructions" link below.

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