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It should not be to difficult to install your Sunpro Awning Drapes or End Panels on any RV. This is often an easy process and we're always available to help answer any questions that you may have.

Feel free to give us a call and even to send us some pictures of your RV using our contact form. You can attach photos that you may have if you'd like. Just click the "Get Help" button below. Emails are monitored when we are closed so be sure to include a phone number and somebody should be able to help you finish the installation. If you need an RV Tech to do the installation we might be able to recommend one.

Please Note: Take your time installing your new Sunpro RV Awning Drop for the first time. Get familiar with the instructions and inspect your roller tube End Caps for sharp edges before installing the RV Awning Drop. The most common problems happen when the Awning Drop is just pulled through the utility groove; it can get torn or damaged. A faulty installation is not covered under warranty and can waste time and money to get it repaired. Please take your time. It is best to have a person to assist in the installation and to help with the visual element such as alignment.

For complete instructions use the "Installation Instructions" link below.

Download helpful instructions on how to install your Sunpro brand RV Awning Drapes, Shades, & End Panels.Installation Instructions      If you need help installing your motorhome awning drapes or end panels, contact us and we'll be glad to help.Get Help

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